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Ship Maintenance

Symposium (continued from page 22)

Equipment Repair Program," by

E.R. Eckstein.

Session #3—Working Luncheon.

Speaker: RADM James K. Nun- neley, USN (Ret.), president of


Session #4—Ship Overhaul Pro- cess, Claremont Room.

Moderator: RADM Jamie Adair,

USN (Ret.). 1430-1520—"NAVSEA's Expanded

Planning Yards," by Larry R.

Dutton. 1530-1620—"How Modular Combat

Systems Will Enhance Support of

Surface Combatants," by J. Birin- delli and A.R. Boerum.

Session #5—Process Improve- ment, Brandon Room.

Moderator: Edward T. Kinney. 1430-1520—"Production and Ser- vice Test of Thermal Spray Coat- ings for Naval Machinery," by

R. Helliwell, F. Rogers, and R.

Sulitt. 1530-1620—"Abrasives Reclama- tion in Shipyards," by J. Peart. 1630-1720—"Underwater Repair



ANYWHERE ...even across the frozen

Beaufort Sea

For the Deutz sales/service team nearest you, contact:

Deutz Corporation: 7585 Ponce de Leon Circle

Doraville, Ga. 30340

Telephone: (404) 449-6140 1-800-241-6320

Telex: 0070-7478

KHD Canada Inc. 180, rue de Normandie

Boucherville, Quebec

Canada J4B 5S7

Telephone: (514) 641-2680

Telex: 05-268544

The Repowering Mission:

To deliver two Deutz SBV 12M 628 diesel engines (total 6,000 hp) to the Canmar Supplier

VII in the frozen Beaufort Sea in the dead of winter.

The Deutz Response:

The Deutz engines were hauled overland to the highway's end, then trucked on the same flatbed trailer across 200 miles of ice to man- made McKinley Island at 140° W, 70° N, in record time.

The Operation:

The Deutz team was on hand to supervise all phases of shipment, receipt, and installation.

We were delighted that with some added man- power, the Canmar crew easily installed the new

Deutz 628s under our engineer's supervision.


No repowering challenge is too chilling for Deutz!

Rely on


More than 80,000 vessels do.

Deutz is represented in all 50 states and 10 provinces.

KHDI DEUTZ and Ship Husbandry," by LT. Kar- en Lynn, CEC, USN.

Session #6—Acquisition Strategy,

Poplar and Providence Halls.

Moderator: VADM V. Lascara,

USN (Ret.). 1530-1645—"The Cost of Competi- tion and its Consideration in the

Acquisition Strategy," by J.H. Au- gusta and J.S. Grosson.

Thursday, October 4

Session #7— Cost Savings

Through Component Design, Clare- mont Room.

Moderator: Gary D. Schulen- burg. 0830-0920—"RACER—Affordabili- ty Through Maintainability," by

M. Donovan and W. Mattson. 0930-1020—"The Significance of

CAD in the Maintenance and Mod- ernization of Ships," by S. Tatum. 1030-1120—"Water-Lubricated

Rubber Bearings—History and New

Developments," by R. OrndorfF and N. Tiedeman.

Session #8—Combat Systems

Overhaul and Maintenance I, Bran- don Room.

Moderator: COMO G.J. Flannery,

USN 0830-0920—"The Master Ordnance

Repair Program," by CAPT

J. Chenard, USN, and W. Stim- son. 0930-1020—"Combat Systems

Overhaul in a Naval Shipyard," by

CDR G.P. Nanos, USN, and CDR

Huffman, USN. 1030-1120—"Combat Systems

Maintenance," by CDR T.C. Se- ward, USN.

Session #9—Quality Assurance,

Poplar and Providence Halls.

Moderator: RADM W. McGarrah,

USN (Ret.). 0830—"Shipyard Quality Assur- ance," by V.W. Davis. "Ship Overhauls and Quality Assur- ance in Private Shipyards," by

CAPT J.A. Culver, USN. "Quality Assurance," by A.C. Mun- son.

Session #10—Working Lun- cheon.

Speaker: COMO Stuart F. Piatt,

USN, Competition Advocate Gener- al of the Navy.

Session #11—Combat Systems

Overhaul and Maintenance II,

Brandon Room.

Moderator: RADM John D.

Beecher, USN. 1400-1715—"Remote Technical As- sistance (RTA)," by CDR A.L.

Tucker, USN, and E.G. New- man. "Combat Systems Testing, Surface

Combatants," by J.S. Gallahue. "Integrated Diagnostics—A Chal- lenge in Support Design," by M.

Battagalia and G. Neumann.

Session #12—Maintenance Man- agement, Claremont Room.

Moderator: Gary M. Bowers. 1400-1715—"Maintenance Manage- ment Strategy," by LCDR C.P.

Hedderich, USN, and CDR J.M.

Todd, USN. "Phased Maintenance," by CDR

J.M. Todd, USN. "An Approach to Intra-Cycle Main- tenance Material Management," by

F. Praissman.

Session #13—Modernization,

Poplar and Providence Halls. 24

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