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Symon Appointed New

Director Of Tankers

At Stolt-Nielsen

Stanley Symon

Stanley Symon has been named director of tankers at Stolt-

Nielsen Inc, Greenwich, Conn., to succeed Per Heidenreich, accord- ing to an announcement by Jacob

Stolt-Nielsen Jr., chairman of

Stolt Tankers and Terminals. Mr.

Heidenreich is leaving the compa- ny to pursue other business inter- ests.

Mr. Symon has 30 years of expe- rience in the shipping industry. He began his seafaring career as an engineering cadet with BP, rising to chief engineer. In 1969, he was as- signed to a technical position ashore with BP, and in 1974 transferred to the Commercial Division, subse- quently becoming trade manager of

BP Shipping in London.

In 1977, when the Stolt-Nielsen/

BP Shipping Limited agreement was made, Mr. Symon was second- ed to Stolt-Nielsen Inc. in Green- wich. Instead of returning to Eng- land when the secondment term was over, he decided to take up perma- nent employment with Stolt-Niel- sen, first as manager of the Ship

Management Department, and now as manager of the entire tanker business.

Mr. Symon is a chartered marine engineer, a fellow of the Institute of

Marine Engineers, and a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Ship brokers. He has served as chairman of the board of the Liberian Ship- owners' Council, and remains a member of the board. He also serves on Lloyd's Register North American


FMC Announces New Model

Coffin Turbo Feed Pump —Literature Available

A medium-to-high-capacity, tur- bine-driven centrifugal pump for marine and industrial applications is now available from FMC Coffin

Turbo Pump Division of FMC Cor- poration of Englewood, N.J. Desig- nated type CG, the Coffin® turbo pump can handle capacities to 550 gallons per minute and total head to 1,900 feet, 825 psg—about one-third higher head pressure than the com- pany's type T turbo pump.

The rugged, dependable type CG carries a 24-month warranty and is said to be ideal for general boiler feed service, in-plant cogeneration systems, and wherever a high-pres- sure characteristic is desired.

For further information and free literature on the CG pump,

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September 15, 1984

SOFEC Awarded NavSea

Contract For Offshore

Mooring Terminal

SOFEC, Inc. of Houston has re- ceived a contract from the Naval

Sea Systems Command for the con- struction, testing, and sea trials of a rapid deployment single anchor leg mooring terminal known by the trade name RA-DE SALM™. The unit will moor and unload tankers of up to 70,000 dwt in the open sea, and will allow the prompt and effi- cient delivery of fuel products for shore-based military equipment.

The entire system is designed to be deployed and operational within 48 hours of its arrival at site. Installa- tion can be accomplished with a minimum of manpower and equip- ment.

The RA-DE SALM is similar to other commercial systems designed and constructed by SOFEC. It may be delivered to site by towing or it may be carried on the deck of a ship in a special launching frame. The unit utilizes preplaced solid ballast in the mooring base, and will func- tion in a wide range of seafloor con- ditions ranging from soft mud to firm sand or coral.

The Navy's unit is scheduled for delivery in mid-1985.

For further information on

SOFEC's single anchor leg mooring terminal,

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A view from the bridge

Aeroquip Marine Products

Are As Special As The Men

Who Use Them.

FC234 AQP™ Fire Resistant


Coast Guard approved for marine diesel and gasoline fuel systems, this hose can really take the heat. It can withstand a +1200 °F. direct flame for 2-1/2 minutes, meeting the • stringent approval requirements of UL and USCG. Specify

FC234 AQP hose for an added measure of safety in handling flammable liquids.

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FC300 AQP™ Hose Exceeds

SAE100R5 Specs

Another member of the tough

Aeroquip AQP family of super performance marine hose,

FC300 handles petroleum- based and fire-resistant hy-' draulic fluids, air, gasoline, .fuel and lube oils. It features the patented AQP elastomer tube, polyester inner braid, singfe- wire braid reinforcement and blue polyester braid cover.

The tough answer to tough problems. 'FREEJ Bulletin 5890

Circle 147 on Reader Service Card 2781 HI-IMPULSE'

Exceeds SAE100R2A

Another Aeroquip breakthrough is 2781 HI-IMPULSE hose. It's a 2-wire braid hose that lasts longer under frequent impulse conditions and also handles higher operating and peak pressures than conventional

SAE100R2A hose. A patented

Aeroquip braided hose manu- facturing technique makes it possible. ^^

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It takes a special kind of person tp„jjnderstand naval vessels. And, it takes a special brand of fluid conveying products to stand up underthe rigors of marine use.

At Aeroquip, we've been designing and pro- ducing marine and MIL-Spec hose lines, fittings, joints, adapters and other fluid line products for over forty years. We understand the special needs of oceangoing fluid power and fluid handling systems. We even have a special Marine/Military

Customer Service Group —trained specialists who have their "sea legs."

For information about the products shown above, write for the specific catalog or brochure mentioned or ask for Marine Catalog 305B. Aero- quip Corporation." Industrial Division, 300

South East,Avenue. Jackson. Michigan 49203, a Libbey-Owens-Ford Company.

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