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Sperry Gets $62.8-Million

Navy Contract For Frigate

Combat Systems Work

Sperry Corporation has been awarded a $62.8-million definitized contract by the U.S. Naval Sea Sys- tems Command for engineering, de- velopment, integration, and produc- tion support of combat systems on 11 Perry Class (FFG-7) guided-mis- sile frigates.

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The four-year contract is a con- tinuation of Sperry's system work on the FFG-7 ships under the latest

Navy shipbuilding program. Sperry has participated in this program for the past 12 years. The combat sys- tem on the FFG-7 is designed as an integrated multi-mission system to provide simultaneous anti-air, anti- surface, and anti-submarine warfare combat capabilities.

Under the contract, Sperry will perform combat system evaluation, cleans up to four times faster than many silica sands.

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The equipment includes fire control systems, communications systems, command and control systems, and electronic warfare systems.

Work on this contract is being done at Great Neck and Ronkonko- ma, N.Y., and at Arlington, Va. distributors. COPPER BLAST is avail- able for immediate delivery throughout the West and Midwest.

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Thomas Merritt Suber

Appointed By Marland

Thomas M. Suber

Marland Environmental Systems,

Inc. of Great Falls, Va., a leading manufacturer of water purification and treatment systems and services, has announced that Thomas Mer- ritt Suber has been appointed general manager. The announce- ment was made by Bob Daniels, president of Marland.

After completing his post grad- uate work at Georgetown Universi- ty, Mr. Suber worked as a public information specialist for the Na- tional Security Council in Washing- ton, D.C. He joined Marland in 1978 as international sales coordinator.

Mr. Suber has established Mar- land's export structure for the

United States and the United King- dom in addition to being instrumen- tal in establishing Marland's Euro- pean sales office, Marland's first formal direct representation in Eu- rope.

New HEET Fuel Additive

Saves Time And Money By

Preventive Maintenance

The HEET Automotive Division of DeMert & Dougherty, Inc., Oak

Brook, 111., recently announced the introduction of new HEET Diesel

Fuel Treatment, a special fuel addi- tive developed by Universal Oil

Products Inc.

HEET Diesel Fuel Treatment provides important preventive maintenance benefits because it helps compensate for today's unsta- ble fuels by keeping injectors clean and maintaining a proper spray pat- tern. According to the manufactur- er, it helps keep the entire fuel sys- tem clean and free of deposits, pre- vents metal corrosion, solves emis- sion problems, and eliminates knocks. HEET Diesel Fuel Treat- ment disperses water in the fuel sys- tem, but contains no alcohol.

The product is packaged in a two- gallon container that treats 4,300 gallons of diesel fuel for fleets, and also comes in an easy-to-pour bottle that treats 100-gallon and 30-gallon drums for industrial users and ter- minal operators.

A companion product for diesel cars is also available. One bottle of

HEET Auto Diesel Fuel Treatment for cars treats 20 gallons of diesel fuel.

For more information on products from the HEET Automotive Divi- sion of DeMert & Dougherty,

Circle 18 on Reader Service Card ®


Circle 198 on Reader Service Card A Subsidiary of Union Pacific Corporation

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COPPER BLAST particles are reusable, virtually dust-free and every edge is a cutting edge (magnified 17 times).



Approximate Protile—mils 1 2 3 Abrasive u Extra Fine Performance \ on Steel \ 1.5- 1.0- \Frne \AM Purpose

V N^Medium


Copper Blast Cutting

Rate Comparison Chart 3/8 Venturi Nozzle 80 PSI Air Pressure 1/4 ASTM A36 Steel Plate \ 05-


Copper Slag

Silica Sand

Nickel Slag

Sand 200100 40 30 20 16

Average Particle Size-U.S Mesh 12

COPPER BLAST cleans metal faster, which means more work in fewer hours.

COPPER BLAST creates a uniform anchor pattern. These cratered surfaces were made by nickel slag abrasive (left) and silica sand (right). They left more residue, have an uneven profile and will reguire more paint. 6 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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