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MarAd OKs Sales Request

MarAd has approved a request by J. Ray McDermott Holdings, Inc.,

New Orleans, La. to sell and trans- fer to Panamanian registry the cargo barges Intermac 600 and Intermac 627 to Panama Offshore Charter- ing Co. 19, Inc,. a Panamanian cor- poration.

Hurricanes Cause NPR


MarAd has granted a request from NPR, Inc. to operate the SS

Carolina and the SS Nueva San

Juan in the domestic trade for one voyage each to accommodate NPR's new deployment. NPR said unfore- seen events, including, among other things, an extraordinary hurricane season, caused significant vessel deviations and delays. None of

NPR's competitors raised any ob- jections to the emergency request.

Section 506 of the Merchant Ma- rine Act of 1936, as amended, per- mits the temporary transfer of ves- sels built with the aid of construc- tion-differential subsidy (CDS) into domestic trade up to six months if it is deemed necessary. Vessel owners must receive written per- mission from MarAd and must re- pay CDS on a pro-rata basis for periods of domestic trading. The two vessels were built with the assistance of CDS.

Drilling Rig Transfer OKd

MarAd has approved a request by

Whittington Drilling Ltd., a Bermu- dian corporation, to transfer the drill- ing rigArethusa Staworker (ex-Trea- sure Staworker; ex-Penrod), to Pana- manian registry, without change in ownership.

MarAd Extends Subsidizable

Lives Of Two Vessels

MarAd and Maritime Subsidy

Board have approved an applica- tion from Mormac Marine Trans- port, Inc. to extend the subsidizable life on the Mormacstar and

Mormacsun and to enter into a subsidy sharing arrangement among those vessels and the


The subsidy board noted that un- der the action the amount of operat- ing-differential subsidy payable un- der the new arrangement will not increase beyond what already had been authorized. The board also determined the action was in the public interest "in view of the main- tenance of useful ships manned with trained and efficient personnel to meet active sealift requirements of the Department of Defense and to maintain U.S.-flag commercial ser- vice on its essential liquid and dry bulk cargo carrying services ..."

Under the board's action, the

Mormacstar and Mormacsun will remain eligible until for financial aid until the subsidy contract expires

Jan. 31, 1997, when both will be more than 20 years of age.

A notice of Mormac's request was published in theFederal Register on

Aug. 10, but no responses were re- ceived.

Crowley To Sell Tank Barge

MarAd has given Crowley Marine

Services, Inc., Oakland, Calif., per- mission to sell a tank barge (Barge

No. 25) to Atlantic Service Supply,

S. A., a Panamanian corporation. The barge will be transferred to Panama- nian registry. MarAd also has ap- proved an application by Key Inter- national Drilling Co. Ltd., a Bermu- dian corporation, to transfer the ownership of a Panamanian drilling rig (Santa Fe Rig 127) to Santa Fe

Drilling Operations, Inc., a Cayman

Islands corporation. The vessel will remain under Panamanian registry.

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