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Return The Environment To Nature...

Need to clean your bilge or ballast tank?

At last - a safe, economical way to speed up Mother Nature and dispose of hazardous waste and spills in bilge and ballast tanks, with no bad odors or noxious gasses.

Now you can dispose of petroleum products such as waste oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, solvents, and bunker oil with 100% proven


Almost like turning


Of course, even RUST ENHANCER cannot transform common rust into precious metal. But it can protect valuable iron and steel parts with the most advanced rust control technology available today.


Halts existing rust and prevents future corrosion with a durable protective barrier

No need for sandblasting, grinding, or scraping.

This surface conditioner and primer changes rust into a dark polymer coating. It chemically converts existing rust into an inert coating that seals out moisture to prevent future rusting. The black polymer coating withstands exposure to weather, sun, water, and salt spray without peeling or cracking — even without painting.

This Rust Enhancer is an excellent primer for any type of paint. Protect iron and steel surfaces quickly and easily with chemical rust conversion.

Both products are availble from Chemical Specialties International

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The certification authorities of ABS,

BV, DNV and GL have simultaneously confirmed that our quality management system complies with DIN ISO 9001. 45 YEARS OF



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When Only The Best Will Do...



With extended range capability and a wide range of power options

ZODIAC, manufacturer of Sunrider, the only inflatable to circle the globe, brings you boats designed for heavy duty commercial applications.

We'll help you tackle any sea you want to cross!

Work boats • Tow boats • Rescue boats • Boarding Platforms

Widely used by Coast Guards, Navies, Enforcement and

Special Operations forces. The boat of choice for the

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Coating Performance Criteria

There are a number of factors to be considered in the coating selec- tion process that define coating value. A major factor in determin- ing a coating's value is the ability of the coating or coating system to meet the requisite performance as defined by the owner or specifier. If a coating system fails, then all other criteria of value become meaning- less. One method of defining per- formance criteria is to match the coating system's performance at- tributes and limitations with the anticipated exposure conditions.

Underwater Hull (Keel to Wateriine)

Performance Criteria • Anti-Foulant • Corrosion Resistance (Galvanic and Cavitation) • Immersion (Saltwater) • Abrasion Resistance

A ship bottom coating system consists of an anti-corrosive coating, over-coated with an appropriate anti-fouling paint.

Iraditional underwater anti-corrosive coatings have con- sisted of materials such as: bituminous coatings; chlorinated rubbers; vinyl tars; vinyls; catalyzed epoxies; and coal tar epoxies. Anti-corrosive coatings for underwater use are not only selected based on durability, but also for ease of maintenance, top coat acceptability, and economics. In recent years, two additional criteria have become major factors in the selection process: environmental acceptance and worker safety.

Anti-Corrosive Coating Advantages

Bituminous coatings:

Effective, economical, ease of maintenance

Coal tar epoxies:

Excellent durability, minimal maintenance

Chlorinated rubbers:

Fast dry, cured at low temperature, ease of maintenance

Anti-Foulant Advantage

Resin based A.F.:

Economical, ease of maintenance, fair durability

Vinyl A.F.:

Good durability, abrasion-resistant, fast dry, Low temp, application

Chlorinated rubber A.F.:

Good durability, fast dry

Topside Coatings:

Freeboard, Decks, and


Performance Criteria • Corrosion Resistance • Color and Gloss Retention • Salt Water Resistance • Low Maintenance lopside coating systems have traditionally consisted of anti- corrosive primer and an appropriate finish coat. Generically, coatings used on topside have been catalyzed epoxies, vinyls, vinyl/acrylics, chlorinated rubbers, alkyds and polyure- ihanes. Ihese types of coatings have been specified for use in topside marine environments because of their effective performance, ease of maintenance, and economy. Selection of a specific generic type of coating is based on specific attributes and limitations. Inorganic zinc rich primers are frequently recommended for new construction topside coat- ing work, and also for maintenance painting in those areas where maximum corrosion protection is required.

Topside Coatings Type Advantages/Limitations


Low cost, ease of application, fair durability, temperature 36 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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