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ISOGUARD System has approached the rust problem in an unconventional way.

The ISOTROL/ISOGUARD System has a low surface tension combined with low viscosity and high total solids. With these characteristics

ISOTROL/ISOGUARD penetrates the substrate of rusted steel surfaces and encapsulated all rust particles. It also encapsulated inorganic salts and removed them from the electrolytic system.

In Addition ISOTROL/ISOGUARD bonds onto the mother metal lattice, eliminating all air and moisture pockets. When it dries it presents a pore-free surface to the atmosphere.


WITHOUT SANDBLASTING. ( A M E Ft / C A ) INC. 2911 Dixwell Ave., Suite 101, Hamden, CT 06518

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IN VALUABLE COATINGS! • Coatings DO NOT have to be removed — measures only the metal thickness • Do not have to destroy the integrity of perfectly good and costly coatings • No costly coating repairs • Saves time and money • Available in a variety of hand held models • Uses the multiple echo measuring technique

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System will continue to per- form when you need it!

Whether you are on a Trans

Atlantic voyage or an explo- ration vessel in the Pacific.

OML builds the most effi- cient and rugged systems in the world!

Utilizing advanced Reverse Osmosis technology, OML offers some of the most efficient and dependable fresh water systems in the world.

Our unique process utilizes media filtration, ultraviolet sterilization, chemical injection, charcoal filtration and finally reverse osmosis.

Only OML designs, manufactures, tests, services and markets, all under one roof so that we can completely control the quality of our products and provide the optimum of service to our customers. In fact we are so confident of our quality that we offer an unprecedented

Lifetime Guarantee on our pressure vessels!

Sea-Quencher™ series offer a complete line of systems; from the compact, economical Aegean model, and the high-output, modular

Baltic system, to the commercial-duty Caspian models and custom- designed plants that can produce over a million gallons a day.

All Sea-Quencher™ systems come complete with top-of-the-line components, parts and features. When you compare our features, quality, service and price you'll see why we are the leader in the industry since 1978. For complete information see your dealer or con- tact us for specifications and the dealer in your area.

OffShore Marine Laboratories

Manufacturers & Designers of R/0 Water Purification Systems 22994 El Toro Rd., Suite 105, Lake Forest, CA 92630

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Mobil Awards Bunker Analysis


Mobil Shipping has awarded a two-year con- tract for fuel oil bunker analysis for its entire deep sea fleet of 24 vessels to Lloyd's Register

FOBAS. FOBAS has been working with Mobil for the past decade, covering half of its deep sea fleet. The FOBAS program for Mobil covers a fast worldwide analysis service to ensure that all fuels bunkered meet required international stan- dards, and alerts Mobil to any potential prob- lems, providing advice and guidance on the stor- age, handling, and use of bunkered fuel on board.

Sonsub Enters Negotiations With Shell


Sonsub Inc. and Shell Offshore Inc. have final- ized an interim agreement which will lead to a multi-year alliance between the companies.

Under the alliance, Sonsub will support Shell's deepwater and ultra-deepwater exploration and production program in the Gulf of Mexico. By adopting the team approach, the companies will share the financial risks and rewards associated with developing and applying cost-effective tech- nologies.

IACS Takes Key Step For Safer Ships

A key step enabling progressive implementa- tion in the world merchant fleet of the Interna- tional Maritime Organization's (IMO) Interna- tional Safety Management (ISM) Code has been taken with adoption by members of the Interna- tional Association of Classification Societies (IACS) of formal Procedural Guidelines for the code's verification.

The ISM Code is designed to improve compli- ance with international rules and regulations and to support safe practices in shipping. By creating a unique opportunity to develop a new safety culture for the industry, the code is held as a very important development in maritime safety.

Approximately 25,000 IACS-classed vessels — more than a third of the world's fleet — and their 7,000 owners/operators alone will require auditing and certification under the Code in the next few years.

The IACS Procedural Guidelines and Unified

Interpretations of the ISM Code have been devel- oped over the past year by an association work- ing party, and will be fully implemented, effec- tive January 1, 1996.

IACS Unified Interpretations of the Code Pro- cedural Guidelines for certification will be cru- cial instruments in verifying vessels' Safety

Management Certificates (SMCs) and the Docu- ment of Compliance (DOC) for owners'/opera- tors' shore-based operations. Both will become mandatory to validate continuing compliance with the Code. "Compliance monitoring presents the indus- try with a huge challenge," said James Bell,

IACS permanent secretary, "with clarity on the requirements and verification procedures being a critical early step."

LR Debuts New Software Certification


Lloyd's Register (LR) introduced Software Con- formity Assessment (SCA), a software product certification service which provides users with an assurance that a product conforms to high standards of quality, usability and integrity.

For more information on the product from LR

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October, 1995

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