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Marine Electronics provide worldwide, 24-hour, online customer support, mes- sage delivery confirmations and notice of satellite messages.

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Saab Celsius Presents

Portable AIS Transponder

Saab Celsius TransponderTech

AB, formerly known as GP&C

Sweden, has formulated a new concept for pilots — a compact and portable AIS Pilot Case.

Watertight to 10 m. the hard shell case utilizes Saab Celsius

TransponderTech's R3 AIS

Transponder as the main component, which is transported onboard as a single unit with full AIS capability, such as: tracking of own ship and all other AlS-transponder equipped ships on the ECS and logging of transponder data.

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STN Introduces Debeg Satlog

A new integrated satellite navigation and speed log system with combined 24-channel GPS-Glonass positioning —-

Debeg Satlog 4124 — has been introduced by STN Atlas

Marine Electronics. Providing a coinciding or separate posi- tion and speed calculations via GPS, Differential GPS and/or

Glonass satellites, the system provides worldwide positional and speed accuracy of 15 m and 0.2 knots, respectively. Cor- responding differential mode accuracies, derived from an integral multitrack differential beacon receiver, are 1 m and 0.1 knots. The system is designed for any type of marine navigation operation, as well as specialist applications, namely hydrographic surveying, buoy positioning and oceanographic research.

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Saab Celsius Transponder

Tech's compact and portable

AIS Pilot Case.



New GPS/Chart flHHHfl

Plotter Series

Interphase Technologies,

Inc., has introduced a new series of easy-to-use

GPS/chart plotters, utilizing V the latest in high-detail, seamless NT cartography from C-Map. The new Chart Mas- ter plotters are fast and powerful navigation aids. The model 7M is a monochrome LCD with optional GPS or DGPS sen- sor; model 7MI is a monochrome LCD with a unique built- in GPS antenna; Model 7C is a color LCD unit with option- al GPS or DGPS sensor. A full array of advanced navigation features, such as worldwide detailed chart coverage includ- ing bathymetric lines, natural features, spot soundings, ports and services and navigation aids is available.

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Cospolich "hatchable" modular marine refrigerators eliminate costly cutting through decks, bulkheads, and accessways.

They are designed to be assembled in your space by ship's personnel. PipefittetpJJechanics, electricians and special skills are not required.

All you need is a screwdriver and two vvrenches. Cospolich kits come with easy, step-jpy-step instructions. Polarized wiring is pre-installed so it can't be plugged in to the wrong place. It's easier than program mfhgaVCR!

And, all Cospolich modular refrigerators meet U.S. Navy standards, and the latest amendments to MIL-R 21098E.

Available from 20 cu. ft. to 200 cu. ft.

Cospolich. Like having a refrigerator built to your specifications.


REFRIGERATOR CO. 14695 Highway 61 Norco, Louisiana 70079

Tel.: 504-725-0222 Fax:504-725-1564 Toll Free: 800-423-7761

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New Handheld VHF

The new Shakespeare SE-700 handheld marine VHF radio is an ultra heavy-duty, rechargeable, nickel-metal hydride battery pack, with a l ,300 milliamp capacity, giv- ing it more than twice the operating time of many other VHF handhelds. In addition, the SE-700 can run on standard AA or ni- cad batteries, if necessary. An included cig- arette lighter-type charging system provides a memory-free recharge from either 12-volt DC or 100-volt AC power. Fea- tures include dual channel display, knobs for volume and squelch, backlit LCD and a battery level indicator.

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