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When it comes to satellite communications at sea, there are two sides to every story: "V*

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Reliability in the tough stuff

Whether it's flat calm or a Force 9 gale,

Sea Tel stabilized satellite antennas provide uninterrupted communications and TV-at-Sea.

Nothing else works like a Sea Tel.

Worldwide support

The equator. The Prime Meridian.

These are the lengths we go to service and support our systems. We've spent more than two decades building a global network of trained technicians.

The latest technology

Always a generation ahead, Sea Tel's patented, 3-axis stabilized antennas provide unparalleled performance with unique high performance dishes.

A full range of capabilities

With higher performance and more two-way data throughput (and lower satellite time costs), Sea Tel antennas meet the new data demands with a full range of frequencies and applications from satellite TV to high-speed data systems.

Experience plus

Two decades of leadership and tens of thousands of systems. More commercial maritime companies and the U.S. Navy specify Sea Tel systems on their fleets.

Look to the leader

No matter what the conditions, no matter what your needs from high speed data to

TV-at-Sea, look to the leader.

Look to Sea Tel. ' •> -s ••> r'

Logic will tell what you know in your heart.

Sea Tel is the one you can trust for your fleet

So t Tel

Look to the leader. Look to Sea Tel

Sea Tel, Inc. 925.798.7979 www.seatel.com

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Sea Tel Europe 44 (0) 2380 671155

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