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Software Solutions

Internet Barge Management

System Ups Efficiency

ALK Associates, Inc. and Midland

Enterprises are creating an innovative

Barge Management System (BMS) to help Midland increase efficiency and competitiveness. Using the Internet to tightly integrate communications, busi- ness and systems processes on an enter- prise-wide basis, BMS also offers a rich palette of e-commerce functions.

Detailed design for the project was completed in January 2000. with deliv- ery and installation slated for comple- tion by the end of September 2000.

Two primary business goals of the

BMS are to improve equipment utiliza- tion and manage yield potential by ana- lyzing new requests for service. In past years, most barge transportation services operated on long-term contracts with well-defined traffic patterns. However, recent market changes are causing com- plex changes, inducing barge companies to re-examine the way they do business.

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BIMCO Introduces Millennium


The new BIMCO Voyage Estimator 2000 and BIMCO Laytime Calculator 2000 have been released, boasting vari- ous new features designed to lighten the daily workload of shipping offices.

BIMCO Informatique A/S has taken into consideration its experience, as well as customer comments to improve upon this duo of software products. Those who have used previous versions of the programs will be likely to recognize the new features implemented in both.

The company's new Laytime Calcula- tor 2000 cuts the amount of time used in calculations — from hours to minutes.

Features include the production of lay- time reports, the printing of BIMCO

Standard Time Sheets, total integration with the BIMCO Holiday Calendar and

World Ports by BIMCO and immediate voyage schedule reports.

The third generation of the BIMCO

Voyage Estimator brings forth a new concept in voyage estimation. Com- pletely revamped to meet the require- ments of a demanding shipping environ- ment, Voyage Estimator enables the user to perform speedy estimates, as well as more thorough calculations. The soft- ware can compute the profit/loss and

T/C equivalent of a voyage, calculated in terms of estimated freight, expenses, fuel consumption, distance between ports and other voyage particulars. The program, provides data upgrade for existing Windows users, open database concept and business-based voyage lay- outs independent of vessel descriptions.

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March, 2000

Ship Safety Database Set Up To

Avoid Future Disasters

European maritime administrations signed an agreement to set up a central shipping safety database aimed at eradi- cating dangerous vessels. According to the EC Maritime Safety Unit, the Equa- sis system will bring together in one

Internet site most of the current diffuse- ly available safety related information on the world merchant fleet. A number of shipping industry players have com- mented on the lack of transparent and easily available information of ship safety standards in the wake of the Erika disaster. Charterer TotalFina said it was unable to independently verify the con- dition of the Erika, which broke up in

December and polluted French beaches with fuel oil. The agreement, which was signed at the International Maritime

Organization (IMO) in London, calls for the database to be launched in May 2000. Equasis is part of a quality ship- ping campaign set up in 1997 to engage all elements in the shipping chain.

Sasakura developed new generation of

Plate Type Fresh Water Generator.


Capacity range: 3-40t/day

No Front Cover!!

The deletion of front cover provides:- * Easier disassembly and reassembly of

Plate Heat Exchanger. *No corrosion of Frame, Guide bar, End cover and

Bolts & Nuts because they do not contact with seawater. • Minimal installation and maintenance.


Sasakura provides Water Makers of the Submerged Tube Type, Multiple Effect Type,

Two Stage & Multi Stage FlashType, Reverse Osmosis Type and Vacuum Vapor Compression

Type for various applications.

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Workboats on patrol.

Maintain on-water safety with a Kvichak patrol boat.

Whether it's law enforcement, fisheries patrol or fire fighting, our patrol boats are ready to respond.

We're putting all-aluminum workhorses to work coast to coast - let us put one to work for you.

Patrol vessels currently under construction: • (2) 38' monohulls - Nassau County Police Dept. • (2) 54' catamarans - California Fish & Game

Kvichak Marine

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Sheaves & Blocks

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