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Simulation Center Holds Open


The University of New Orleans' Simu- lation Based Design Center (SBDC) held an open house in December pre- senting its new facilities at the Houston

Advanced Research Center.

The Center, which is a division of the

University of New Orleans, specializes in the application and transfer of com- puter-based simulation technology into the research, development and engineer- ing (RD&E) of socio-technical systems.

Offering advanced visualization sys- tems and expertise, SBDC aims to pro- vide innovative, practical and top-quali- ty products and services aiding cus- tomers in upgrading their competitive- ness through the application of advanced simulation technologies.

Circle 103 on Reader Service Card 3M Offers New Pipe Coating

The Scotchkote brand 6352 Fusion

Bonded Epoxy (FBE) Duel Coating

System for pipe is the newest pipe coat- ing from 3M. It can be used on trans- mission or distribution pipes as an exter- nal or internal coating. The FBE dual coat is applied in two layers for addi- tional mechanical toughness. It has been proven durable in high-impact tests. By combining a first coat for corrosion pro- tection and a second for impact/abrasion resistance, the Scotchkote 6352 FBE

Dual Coating Systems provides a pipe strength and corrosion resistance.

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Innovative High-Speed

Japanese Ferry Enters Service

The much discussed and anticipated

Technol Super Liner project came to fruition last month, as the maiden voy- age of a high-speed Japanese-built ferry was made. The Techno Super Liner, jointly developed by Japan's Transport

Ministry and shipbuilding industry, is expected to cover the 740 km (445 miles) to Shanghai in only 11 hours instead of the usual 22.

The 2,785-gt ship, named Kibo is 245 ft. (74 m) long and can attain a maxi- mum speed of 52 mph by using air par- tially to float above the water's surface with forward propulsion provided by a powerful gas turbine.

Adsteam Takes 50% Stake In

Northland Holdings Inc.

Australian towage group Adsteam

Marine Ltd. has invested in the North

American market, last month divulging a $55 million investment in privately- held, Seattle-based Northland Holdings


Adsteam has proven to be a very prof- itable corporation since it went public in 1997, and has its eyes on several pro- jects around the world, including the

U.S. According to its managing direc- tor, the company sees considerable opportunities to consolidate operations in the U.S., and it plans to use its part- nership with Northland Holdings to gain local knowledge and from which to base further North American activities.

KMY Wins Two-Ship Order

From RCL

Kvaerner Masa-Yards won a $ 1.09 bil- lion contract to build two ships for

Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL).

The Eagle-type cruise ships are sched- uled for delivery in 2002 and 2003. The deal boosted the yard's current order book to $2.3 billion from $1.2 billion.

SWM Wins $20M Contract

Naval Sea Systems (NAVSEA) has signed a $20 million, 10-ship, five-year contract to Southwest Marine's Ingle- side shipyard (SWMI) for the repair, overhaul, drydocking and upgrade of the mine countermeasure (MCM Class) ves- sels homeported at Naval Station Ingle- side. First availability on USS Avenger is scheduled to commence on March 27, 2000, and will continue through June 2000. The last availability is scheduled for completion in February 2005.

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