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Sandwiched Composites Offer Promise

For Marine Industry

Last autumn leading researchers gathered at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) conference to discuss, among other things, the properties and possibil- ities of increasing the utilization of lightweight honeycomb sandwiched between curved composite panels in marine applications. Ship and boat designers, builders and owners, ever mindful of the need to minimize weight while maintaining strength and safety in an effort to reduce fuel costs, are con- stantly testing and exploring a wide range of new materials and composites.

The key attribute of a sandwich struc- ture is its light weight, which owes to the honeycomb-like design of the inner core, wrapped around the inner core of the sandwich structure are the aluminum and composite panels, or facing sheets.

These panels accept most of the mois- ture, pressure loads and weight bearing forces exerted from external conditions.


Although the panels of the sandwich structure take most of the pressure, researchers believe that it is critical that the core material be able to withstand some external forces. Engineering approaches to improved designs include reinforcing the core material and creating more sep- aration between the core and outer pan- els. Particular challenges with the struc- ture, and the target of much research, is the breakage points of certain sandwich struc- t u r e s .

Stronger epoxy agents and improved curing meth- ods are believed to prevent such damage.

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Fiberline Offers GRP

For Use In Hostile


Danish Company Fiberline Composites A/S has a long history in the production of gratings, stairs, railings and load-carrying constructions in GRP (glass reinforced fiber). The materials have been incorporated in a number of refer- ences throughout the maritime realm, with notable performance in particularly hostile railing systems, ladders and phenolic gratings are used on all three decks. Also, the Danish

Navy has utilized the company's railings and ladders onboard some of its most advanced ves- sels.

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Polydamp Melamine

Foam Offers Good

Heat Resistance

Polymer Technologies' Polydamp Melamine

Foam (PMF) is a lightweight acoustical/thermal insulation product for marine applications where low flame spread and minimal smoke generation is essential. PMF does not drip when ignited, and stops burning when the igni- tion source is removed. The material produces minimal flame and smoke. In addition, PMF offers heat resistance up to 375 degrees F with- out a protective facing, and is designed to be exceptionally stable in harsh environments.

Composites of Polydamp Melamine Foam are available with high performance heat resistant (+450 degrees F) acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, which offers excellent peel adhesion to a variety of surfaces, including metals and engineered plastics.

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The Soundcoat Company ••<>%

The Soundcoat Company has been involved in noise control for the marine industry for many decades.

Working with naval architects, the U.S. Navy, boat yards and marinas, Soundcoat has provided solutions to a wide variety of shipyard noise problems for ves- sels of all sizes. Contact our headquarters at 800-394- 8913 or visit them at or Circle No. 148

The Ultimate Protector

Today's modern vessels require superior performance and protection from a Fendering system. Urethane

Products Corporation has a proven system for today's demanding marine operations. Marine Guard fenders are designed to safely absorb the immense amount of energy generated by a ship's eight and relative veloci- ty as it approaches a dock, pier or another ship.

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Hule Industrial

Hule Industrial is a company with more than 38 years of experience in the rubber industry, making products that have always met the highest international standards. For more than 20 years, Hule Industrial has been selling its products in the international market, experiencing excellent acceptance by engineers and contractors.

Hule Industrial stands as one of the largest rubber marine fenders manufacturers in all America, offering the most complete and modern line of fender types and sizes.

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Poly-Tak Protection Systems, Inc.

Poly-Tak Protection Systems is a national supplier of temporary adhesive films to the construction, recre- ational vehicle, building, marine, and retail markets.

We were the original innovators of Carpet Mask — the leading brand in temporary carpet protection worldwide. Our products save contractors, home- builders, homeowners, and other trades thousands of dollars in cleaning and repair costs each year.

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UltraGlas is an innovative, artful glass medium being used by architects, interior designers and principals around the world to create unique and functional spaces for hospitality, corporate, retail, healthcare and residential environments. With a comprehensive palette of embossed glass textures, patterns, designs, colors, shapes and finishes, UltraGlas is used to create unique walls, entrances, dividers, screens, doors, bath and shower enclosures, bar, table and counter tops and more!

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The corrosion resistance of Fiber- line's GRP is a par- ticularly valuable asset in uses off- shore. The materi- al has a low weigh/high strength ratio, and has proven simple to install. Noise damping, dimen- sional stability and a wide selection of color choices add to the product's value. Notable ref- erences for the company include a position onboard a British oil platform, where Fiberline

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