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Coatings & Corrosion Control measures on rough corroded surfaces with little preparation and requires no grinding. New features include operator selection of probe frequency for enhanced measuring, calibration by either known thickness or velocity of sound and automatic or manual "off switch."

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Gardner Denver Acquires Three

Waterjetting Manufacturers

Gardner Denver of Quincy, 111., recently acquired three Houston-based companies, CRS Power Flow, Jetting

Systems & Accessories, Inc., and But- terworth Jetting Systems.

CRS Power Flow manufactures water jetting products for 10,000 to 40,000 psi applications, including hand-held guns, foot-operated guns, rigid lances, noz- zles, valves and accessories.

Jetting Systems is a manufacturer of lancing systems, tube bundle cleaning machines and 10,000 to 40,000 psi spe- cialized cleaning systems for industrial- ized applications. Butterworth Jetting

Systems manufactures pumps and water jetting systems, and is a respected maker of high efficiency water jetting pumps for 5,000 to 35,000 psi applica- tions.

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Eureka Chemical Specializes In

Corrosion Preventatives

Eureka specializes in non-solvent base corrosion preventatives and lubricants - inside ballast tanks, voids, rudder, pon- toons, cais- son, spon- sons, anchor chain lockers, drydock wing wall and on cranes, hoists, rails, winches, wire-rope, deck equipment, preservation of machinery being shipped on-deck and undersea equipment.

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Sattex Bricks Get The Grit Off

The key to a smooth and reliable coat- ing is as dependent upon the actual preparation job as the coating itself.

Sattex marine Polishing compounds — available in bricks and sticks in six abra- sive grades — are designed to effective- ly remove surface oxidation, minor scratches, . orange peel and sanding marks, while enhancing the luster of the gelcoat.

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Ins \M> iMians

When equipment must be repaired now, Climax Portable Machine Tools give your crews the power to get the job done fast, any time, anywhere. Our compact, easy-to-use tools attach directly to the work piece — wherever it may be — so there's little time lost for dismantling. Boring, borewelding, milling, turning, weld prep, beveling, facing and many other operations can be performed easily with precision.

Climax's line of over 25 machine tools provide effective solutions for repairs at sea and valuable alternatives to costly off-site machining in ship repair or refurbishing operations. Call us today for complete information on these tools and an unlimited range of custom tool designs for unique repair applications.


Portable Machine Tools, Inc.

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Sua t Electronic

Level Switch wt

No Moving Psi

The Sea Switch Two was designed and patented for all tank applications. The Sea Switch Two offers a reliable solution for liquid level detection and control for cargo, ballast, and storage tanks, without any moving parts.

The Sea Switch Two uses a fully static system that is based on the propagation of an acoustic wave into a metallic rod. A piezo-electric sensing element produces a wave along the rod. As the liquid reaches the sensing element the oscilla- tion stops and the alarm is activated.

The Sea Switch Two sensor detects high, high- high, or low level in any liquid with an alarm output given by a dry contact or current loop change 6-18 mA. • Easy installation • Self-test built-in • Fully static system - no moving parts


SYSTEMS, INC. 800 Ferndale Place

Rahway, NJ 07065

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NLB Brochure Highlights

Advantages Of Water Jet

Surface Prep

A new brochure from NLB Corp. doc- uments the per- formance of high-pressure and ultra-high pressure water jetting equip- ment in surface preparation applications.

The brochure demonstrates how high-pres- sure and ultra-high pressure water jet- ting (up to 40,000 psi, or 2,800 bar) can produce exceptionally clean surface without grit and dust of sandblasting.

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