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New & Notable

Enhanced Escort Tug Ajax Delivered to 0stensj0 Rederi 0stensj0 Rederi AS of Haugesund,

Norway has received Ajax, one of the most powerful dedicated tanker escort tugs in the world, and the most powerful in Europe, for service on the west coast of Norway.

Constructed by Astilleros Zamakona

S.A. of Vizcaya/Bilbao, Spain, begin- ning in early 1999, the tug was built in accordance with DNV Regulations as an

Escort Tug, with Fire-Fighter I and Oil

Recovery certification, and also in full compliance with the National Regula- tions of the Norwegian Maritime Direc- torate.

Created by Robert Allan Ltd., the design of this powerful new tug incorpo- rates a number of unique hull form

Marine Pilot Simulator Based Performance

Raining and Evaluation System

When the State of Alaska wanted someone to develop a program to periodically evaluate state marine pilots on a full mission bridge simulator, they chose STAR

Center, the world's leader in training, assessment, and evalu- ation of maritime professionals.

STAR Center conducted a year long Job Task Analysis of pilot duties and performance criteria. This was followed by development of an extensive geographic visual database of

Alaskan ports and pilotage waters that STAR enter were verified by the individual marine pilot associations. The end result is a one-of-a-kind program for marine pilots that provides eval- uation, standardization, and above all, an internationally recognized marine pilot contin- uing professional development program of training assessment.

Also, ask us about our other training, evaluation, and standardization pro- grams such as: Onboard Bridge Team

Management Assessment and Simulator

Based Bridge Team Assessment.


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RT.M STAR Center admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin or sex.

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Outboard proflie of Escort Tug Ajax developments which are the result of an extensive series of model tests and research by the firm over the past sever- al years into the performance of escort tugs. Model tests were conducted at the

Institute of Marine Dynamics in St.

John's, Newfoundland and at Voith

Schiffstechnik's laboratories in Heiden- heim, Germany to verify the predicted performance, and to refine the design of the hull and appendages. The model test program which included evaluations of speed and seakeeping in both directions, and measurement of steering and brak- ing forces in both calm water and sea- states, has been the subject of a number of recently published technical papers.

The enhancements incorporated into this design contribute to significant improvements in the escort towing per- formance and to the safety of the tug during high-speed escort towing opera- tions.

The minimum performance require- ments for the new tug at the outset of the design program were for a bollard pull of 90 tons, a free-running speed of 15 knots, and an escort steering force of 150 tons at 10 knots. The latter require- ment was to be in compliance with the stability and heel limitations of DNV's

Escort Tug notation. The tug has exceeded all expectations on trials with a bollard pull of 95 tons, and a free-run- ning speed in excess of 15 knots. Escort towing performance has yet to be demonstrated full scale, however the final stability characteristics of the tug will support a sustained steering force of 160 tons at 10 knots in compliance with

DNV Escort Tug Regulations and rein- forcing the model test results.

The tug is configured to operate in the skeg first direction for all escort opera- tions, but the hull form has been refined for best possible sea-keeping capabili- \

Main Particulars - Ajax

Length, (o.a.) 136 ft. (41.6 m)

Beam, (max.) 52 ft. (15.9 m)

Depth, molded 20 ft. (6.2 m)

Maximum draft 22 ft. (6.8 m)

Power 2 x 3,800 kW

Propulsion .Voith Cycloidal Propellers

Fuel capacity 242 tons

Reserve fuel 350 tons (for extended voyages)

Fresh water 72 tons

Recovered oil 430 cu. m

Fire-fighting foam ... 28 cu. m

Oil dispersant 17 cu. m 18 Circle 255 on Reader Service Card Maritime Reporter/Engineering News


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