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LOWER DECK PLAN MAIN DECK PLAN ties in both directions.

Ajax's propulsion is provided via a pair of Caterpillar 3612 diesel engines, each delivering 3,800 kW at 900 rpm to a Voith cycloidal propeller, model 36GII-270 through a Voith Turbo cou- pling. Each main engine also drives a fire-fighting pump and a hydraulic pump via a PTO and step-up gear at the forward end.

Electrical power is provided by a pair of Caterpillar 3306B diesel gensets, each rated 165 kW at 1,500 rpm.

The tug has a split-level accommoda- tion and service space, oriented about the major forward working deck. The main deck area features a fully enclosed winch room, with a double-drum Kar- moy winch, containing a 250m x 90mm

Superline Steelite Xtra HMPE escort towing hawser and a 1,200 m x 64 mm steel towline. Adjacent to the winch room is a large "garage", containing an oil spill recovery skimmer and oil con- tainment boom on a common bed frame.

DH Tanker Launched

Exxon Mobil Corp. announced that

M/T Kestrel, a new double-hull very large crude oil carrier (VLCC), was delivered for leasing to a Trust estab- lished by Marcare Shipping Co., a joint shipping venture among subsidiaries of

ExxonMobil, the Onassis Group and

Petros J. Goulandris Sons Group.

Kestrel, the second of two sister vessels to be leased to the Marcare Trust, will be chartered by International Marine

Transportation Limited (1MT), a sub- sidiary of Exxon Mobil Corporation based in the UK. The joint venture, in which all three partners hold an equal share, was formed in December 1998.

Kestrel was built by Hyundai Heavy

Industries and delivered at a naming ceremony today at Hyundai's Ulsan,

Korea shipyard. The 307,000 dwt

Kestrel is 1,100 x 190 x 206 ft. (335 x 58 x 63 m) from keel to masthead and can carry a cargo of 2.25 million barrels of crude oil worldwide. The ship's design, construction and capabilities exceed even the stringent tanker safety standards set out in OPA '90 and the

IMO rules. Kestrel is equipped with such state-of-the-art facilities as auto- matic bridge controls for main propul- sion systems, automated machinery and cargo systems, and onboard electronic charts.

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December, 2000

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Pneumatic Fenders DockFenders Ship Fenders

Engineered & Manufactured by:

KUMNAM CHEMICAL, INC. 348-3, Chung Chun-Ri, Chillye- Myun

Kimhae, Kyungnam, Korea

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Fax: 82 ( 55) 346-3137

Distributed in the Americas by:


Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33317

Tel: (954) 581-4858 Fax: (954) 581-9892

E-mail: [email protected]

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A large Effer model 80-000-3SL knuck- le-boom crane serves to launch and recover this equipment as well as handle deck equipment and stores. Aft of these critical service areas there is a wet lobby which accesses the crew accommoda- tion spaces.

The wheelhouse is fully appointed with the latest in electronic control and navigation systems for operation of a tug with a fully automated machinery space, and includes two separate Voith steering and control consoles, one for- ward and one aft for maximum opera- tional visibility and control when oper- ating in either direction.

Ajax represents the latest in escort towing technology; a high-performance vessel purpose-designed for maximum reliability, steering and towing perfor- mance, and safety in the execution of high-speed escort towing.

The tug assumed its duties at the

Norsk Hydro Oil terminal on the west coast of Norway in early November, 2000.

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