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Ameron offers a full line of coating products for any ship, including antifoulings, linings for ballast and water tanks, coatings for cargo holds, chemical tank linings and coatings for hull and topside protection. Circle 102

Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver high-pres- sure water jetting units are designed to provide a power- ful, environmentally safe method of solving difficult cleaning and cutting chal- lenges. At supersonic speeds, low-volume, high-pressure water delivers its cleaning energy into most inaccessible areas.

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Neutra Rust

Neutra Rust offers a unique line of coatings that are designed to be effective in a variety of highly corrosive environments. All Neutra

Rust products are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non- flammable. In addition to the coatings, Neutra Rust has cleaners and solvent that can be used for surface preparation prior to coating appli- cations.

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Corrintec's Minitek

Impressed Current Cathodic

Protection Systems (ICCP) have been ordered for two new passenger ferries, which will operate in Portsmouth

Harbor. Minitek ICCP sys- tem has been specially devel- oped to provide protection against hull corrosion for smaller vessels. Easily installed and compact in design, it provides continuous and accurately controlled pro- tection. Circle 107


Aqua-Dyne has been manu- facturing waterjetting equip- ment, systems and parts for more than 29 years. These units typically operate at 10,000 to 40,000 psi and are used in surface preparation, internal cleaning of pipes and heat exchangers, concrete removal (hydrodemolition), and as cutting alternative to saw blades and laser cut- ting machines for parts fabrication.

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Graco is a publicly held worldwide manufacturer of fluid handling systems and components. Graco's expanded line of high pressure airless sprayers for cor- rosion control applications is designed to provide extra power for higher flow rates, longer lines and better atom- ization. Additionally, Graco's

SuperCat, a high-pressure proportioner offers a pressure performance capacity of 5,000 psi, allowing atomiza- tion of viscous materials through long hose lengths.

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Chugoku Marine

Paints (CMP)

CMP manufactures synthet- ic resin paints, specializing in paints for marine vessels. The new Nova 5000 Barrier is designed especially for ballast water tanks. The barrier is designed to be easily applied at a high film thickness and then prevents water penetration, and corrosion is halt- ed. The new Umeguard Super-H, a highly abrasive cargo holding coating, is designed to extend the peri- od between major grit blasting of cargo hold up to 50 percent.

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Hoffer Flow Controls

Hoffer Flow Controls' new

Positive Displacement

Flowmeters are designed for industrial use and are con- structed of 316 stainless steel with other materials of con- struction optional. Available with a variety of end connec- tions including the standard

NPT, this product has a high temperature range of up to 850 degrees F, is pressure rated up to 3,000 PSI standard, and has been independently tested at .25 percent better accuracy on viscous applications above 100 CSTKS.

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USF Surface Prep

BCP, a division of USF Sur- face Preparation Group, has helped to pioneer the design and manufacture of advanced airblast systems for more than half a century.

The company recently com- pleted a 12-page product guide, which highlights a wide range of custom designed BCP airblast rooms and components including paints booths, recovery floor, room arrangements, and Schmidt™ abrasive control valves.

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Jotun Paints

Jotun Paints offers products that boast advanced tin-free technology, high gloss finish- es, products for ballast tank protection, newbuilding and maintenance coating sys- tems, and cathodic protec- tion.

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INTERNATIONAL 2001 dmgl( world media

SASMEX Miami 15-17 May 2001


Hyatt Regency Miami

Supported by:

The only event dedicated to

Marine Safety & Electronics

Focussing on domestic and international safety issues affecting the US market

AT SASMEX Miami: • Exhibition - meet new and existing customers and suppliers at the only event dedicated to safety • Conference - an all encompassing two day conference with the emphasis on how global regulatory and operational issues affect the USA • Simulation demonstrations • Live demonstrations • AMVER Awards Ceremony in conjunction with the

US CoastGuard

Don't leave safety to chance, make sure that you're at


Please contact me with further

SASMEX 2001 information on:

Exhibiting ED

Visiting •

Presenting a paper at the conference [H

Attending the conference as a delegate •

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Please call our SASMEX ticket hotline on: + 44 (0)1737 855282

To reserve your stand please call Jane Butler on: +44 (0)1737 855453

Email: Fax: +44 (0) 1737 855467

SASMEX, Marketing Department, dmg world media,

Queensway House, 2 Queensway, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1QS, England

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Sattex Corp.

Sattex offers a super- smooth gelcoat finish

Afl'V^wBW'X^^K from its Sattex Marine iine °f p°iishins c°m- ^BMufljUJ^ pounds. These buffing in brick shapes and stacks in six different abrasive grades.

These buffing compound bricks and sticks vary in order to remove varying degrees of surface oxidation, minor scratches, orange peel and sanding marks while enhancing the luster of the hull's gelcoat.

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Por 15

Por 15 system is designed to permanently stop rust from returning to marine equip- ment. The system is designed to be applied directly to rusty surfaces, leaving a rock-hard finish that won't crack, chip or peel. It is created to coat a rusty keel, hull, bulkhead, anchor, prop, or bilge and stop rust in its tracks. Por 15 products are designed to work together to produce maximum results.

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