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Flow A-3000 Ultralight

The Flow A-3000 Ultralight hand tool com- bines the power of ultrahigh pressure water with extremely high nozzle rotation speeds.

The result is a versatile tool that offers excel- lent removal rates for a wide variety of surface prep projects. A-3000 delivers as much as 6.5 gallons per minute of ultrahigh-pressure water, and is the only hand tool rated for operating pressures of 45,000 psi. Circle 116

Silver Eagle Pressure Systems

Silver Eagle Pressure Systems, located in Cut-

N-Shoot, Texas, has been manufacturing

Stainless Steel high Pressure hot Water Wash- ers since 1983. With 100 plus models ranging from 2 to 20 gpm, 1,200 to 7,200 psi and a choice of electric, gasoline or diesel engine dri- ves, there is a model to fit most any cleaning situation. Visit on-line at www.cut-n- Circle 118


Parametrics is one of the leading manufactur- ers of ultrasonic testing instruments that mea- sure accurately the remaining wall thickness of internally corroded structures. The line of high quality instruments includes the advanced 36DL Plus with A-Scan and B-Scan, the 26-Series of hand-held basic thickness gauges and the EPOCH Series of digital ultra- sonic flaw detectors. Circle 119

Tuff Coat Marine

Self-proclaimed as the marine industry's best non-skid protective coating, Tuff Coat

Marine is a state-of-the-art, single pack, acrylic/urethane copolymer, with incredible adhesion, strength, elasticity and durability.

It is water based, has no VOC's, is non-flam- mable, solvent free, chemical resistant and

UV stable. The product can be applied to aluminum, fiberglass, steel, wood and concrete.

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Automation USA

The QuaNix Keyless Coating Thickness

Gauge measures overall metals and is water- proof. It is a fully- automatic gauge with wire- less probe. There are no keys, no buttons, no menus, no cables, and no connectors. The innovative QuaNix Keyless offers automatic zeroing, optimum handling and user-friendly operation.

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Back To Nature Products Co. introduces

Aqua-Strip Safer Marine Paint & Varnish

Remover. It removes multiple layers of bot- tom and topside coatings in one application.

Aqua-Strip is environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-flammable and contains no methylene chloride. It is safe for all sur- faces including fiberglass and gel coat. The paste formula applies easily by brush, roll, or spray. It is odor free and is easily cleaned up with water. Back To Nature Products Co., 28 Harrison Ave., Ste. 238,

Englishtown, N.J. 07726, tel: 800-423-7733 Circle 124


Blastrac EBE portable abrasive blast cleaning systems are an environmentally friendly way to prepare steel surfaces such as ship sides, decks and other marine surfaces. The systems use steel shot and grit, and operate dust-free to eliminate the need for containment and mini- mize exposure to the worker and the environ- ment. Vertical systems use a rigging system to crawl around steel surfaces, working three to six times faster than conventional blasting.

A range of models for either vertical or horizontal surfaces assures the right machine to reduce labor cost, exposure, disposal and production time on your job.

Call 800-256-3440 or visit

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The amazing Swirl-Off Tool — The new Swirl off tool from Desmond Stephan Mfg., scours surfaces rapidly to remove paint, rust, barna- cles, graffiti, and other hard coatings. The rotary tool attaches to portable grinders, sanders drills or polishers. Swirl Off reduces the time and effort needed to clean and refin- ish almost any floor, wall or other structure.

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E.H. O'Neill Company

A-60 Decking lightweight non-combustible, insulating approved by Lloyd's Register,

DNV, Germanischer Lloyd, U.S. & Canadian

Coast Guards.

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HoldProducts has recendy introduced new barrier and cleaning products to the shipping industry. HoldBlock-10 protects ship holds against corrosion from sulphur, salt, potash and other such cargoes. The biodegradable prod- uct is easy to use, and is safe in occupied areas. For more information log onto

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Dust Muzzle

Dust Muzzle is a polypropylene shroud for collecting dust made by angle sanders and die grinders. It is flexible, transparent and retrofits over 1,200 tools in minutes.

No special paper is needed, it works with any vacuum and it is over 95 percent effi- cient.

The company also offers its Chip Muz- zle, which is a heavy duty PVC dust col- lector that retrofits all needle scalers into dustless tools in minutes. Eas- ily adapted to corners or curves, it is more than 95 percent efficient.

Shave Away, Europe, 837 Cornish Drive, San Diego, Calif. 92110, tel: (619) 223-2154;; Fax: 619 223-9690,, e-mail

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Syntho-Glass is a water activated, fiber- glass repair tape that is easy to apply. We offer six primary patch systems, in a vari- ety of sizes to accommodate any repair.

The only water activated repair system required on board U.S. Coast Guard and

Navy vessels. Circle 133 opr It PUMPS

Imtra Corp.

Imtra specializes in quality marine products for boats and yachts of all types — specifically

Recaro Maritime Seats, which are now avail- able to the marine industry through Imtra.

Recaro has been setting the standard for ergonomically designed seats for many years.

Imtra offers four models that come standard with black leather upholstery.

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Barnant Company

Barnant Company offers a new line of Pon- ndorf peristaltic hose pumps in 24 dry-run- ning and lubricated models with capacities up to 220-psig pressure and 176 GPM flow.

The large-capacity pumps are in stock for immediate delivery to customers in a wide range of process and industrial fluid handling applications. Circle 106


MacGregor's new Sherlog Ultrasonic Testing

System is designed for checking the tightness of key cargo access equipment, such as hatch covers and shell doors.

Operators can check cargo access sealing sys- tem condition at any time, with no water involved and no interference with other ship- board activities. Sherlog also features a data transfer capability to a PC or laptop, and can be used as a periodic survey information source. Circle 108

CPV Manufaturing

CPV Manufacturing's O-Seal System valves and fittings are rated for heavy-duty liquid or gas service and provide years of reliable, leak- proof operation. The O-Seal Valve's leakproof reliability is the result of two flat-faced fittings that are joined with a resilient O-ring incor- porated into a close tolerance groove that uses line pressure — meaning the higher the pres- sure, the tighter the seal. O-Seal valves and fittings are rated for 6,000 psi, at temperatures from -20 to 225 degrees

F. Tel: (888) 278-8339; internet: Circle 120


The Type "C" is a heavy-duty internally mounted motor straight-line wiper from

Wynn's Ocean Range. It offers an advanced design of linear action window wiping systems for marine and other specialist applications.

Wynn wipers are designed to be durable, reli- able and quiet.

Circle 123 € Smith ikruir Marine! Inc. fi Smith Berger Marine Using innovative designs, Seattle's Smith

Berger manufactures ship equipment that is unique and sturdy. From Flag Blocks to

Chain Stoppers, the company offers many different designs and can even custom manufacture most items.

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UltraStrip Systems, Inc.

The unique, patented industrial grade Ultra-

Strip Robotic Hydro blasting system is capable of removing coatings from the hulls of ships at the rate of 2,000 to 10,000 square feet per hour. Pictured with the systeym is Jean-

Michel Cousteau, son of the late explorer and environmentalist, Jacques Cousteau.

A noted environmentalist in his own right,

Jean-Michel Costeau believes the UltraStrip closed loop system will help save marine life from grit blasting, one of the largest streams of industrial waste facing the world today.

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Schmidt abrasive blasting equipment is designed to maximize productivity for bulk system applications such as those found in shipyards. All systems feature an efficient pip- ing designed to minimize pressure drop, and

Schmidt valves and controls that use signifi- candy less abrasive. Save on abrasive costs, spend less time on cleanup and minimize dis- posal. Schmidt bulk systems are available in a range of standard and custom systems to meet specific applications. Circle 129


The Vacu-Blast BRS systems use a wide range of abrasive media to remove coatings and other materials from steel surfaces. Applica- tions include large jobs where productivity is paramount: weld-joints, barge and ship clean- ing, bridge work, and more. BRS systems can perform blast and vacuum functions simulta- neously, thereby virtually eliminating dust clouds, poor visibility and costly cleanup. The simultaneous blast/vacuum action makes the Vacu-Blast BRS ideal for situations when open air blasting is neither possible nor practical. The

BRS systems can also perform each function independendy, making them versatile and powerful tools for any blast cleaning application.

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