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E-Commerce Creates

Online Marketplace

IndustrialSoup. Inc. has established to provide an indepen- dent marketplace for buyers and sellers of virtually all raw material, finished goods, parts, and services required by the marine industry. £ • * • • & S. IS J J

Scott Parfitt, president of Industrial-

Soup, Inc, emphasized several points about the Web site: "First, MarineSoup is comprehensive — it offers products, parts, supplies and a host of services ful- fill virtually all the needs of the industry.

In addition, the workings of the Web site are completely adaptive to the work style of its customers, whether they are a large or small business. The site also focuses completely on facilitating buy- ing and selling — we always talk about how all of our sites are designed to be the most economical way to connect buyers and sellers."

As with all IndustrialSoup Web sites, is designed to easily fit within a users' current purchasing or selling operations. For a larger compa- ny with systems already in place, Mari- neSoup can simply be layered on; for smaller companies with little or no sys- tem setup, the site can serve as an entire buying and selling back office service.

An additional aspect to the easy to use site is the availability of both industry experts and regional representatives to ensure — with on-site visits to the cus- tomer, as necessary — that the customer is getting full benefit from Marine-

The site has the ability to connect buy- ers and sellers in the industry via a spe- cial feature known as the Buyer Manag- er Tool. This concept provides effective handling of purchase orders whether managing the authorization process or doing monthly reporting. Buyers can monitor order status, inventory levels, backorders and shipping times for care- ful order management.

The site's Product Detail screens pro- vide the buyer with in-depth information about products, including videos, engi- neering drawings, installation instruc- tions and approval letters.

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July, 2001 a

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