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Bollinger Christens 8,000-hp

Towboat, Bootsie B

Bollinger Shipyards, Inc., Lockport,

La., with the Riverway Co., Eden

Prairie, Minn., christened the M/V Boot- sie B„ a 188-ft. (57.3 m), 8,000 hp tow- boat. Bootsie B. is the first such vessel for the Riverway Co., in 25 years. It was christened by Ms. Mary Sutton Becker, granddaughter of Mrs. Mary Sutton "Bootsie" Baskerville, whose family established Riverway's predecessor company, the Upper Mississippi Towing

Corp. in 1937. Lawson and Lawson will operate the vessel "This is our first new construction pro- ject for Riverway," said Walter Berry,

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Id's Mo St | executive vice president and COO of

Bollinger said.

Bollinger Northshore Engineering designed the vessel, and Corning

Townsend, with C.T. Marine, provided naval architectural services for proper water flow through the kort nozzle and across the rudders. This included design of propellers, kort nozzles, rudders, and overall vessel review, and Berry stressed that this was not a re-work of an old design.

Bootsie B. measures 188 x 48 x 11.5 ft. (57.3 x 14.6 x 3.5 m), with a mini- mum draft of 8.5 ft. (2.6 m). It is pow- ered by a pair of EMD 16-710G7B- diesel engines developing a total of 8,000 hp and 196,000 lbs. of Bollard pull. Bollinger manufactured shafts with

John Crane seals drive two Bollinger 122 in. by 138 in., five-blade propellers installed in Harrington CT28 nozzles.

Lufkin provided RH53624 horizontal offset reverse/reduction gears with a ratio of 4.9:1, and Fernstrum grid cool- ers cool the engines.

Bollinger independent steering and flanking rudders with electronic syn- chronization are installed to act in a con- ventional jockey bar configuration.

Electrical power is supplied by two 190

KW generators, each driven by a Cater- pillar 3306 diesel engine. Bollinger also manufactured the tiller arms and under- water spares.

The boat carries 140,500 gallons of fuel, 6,150 gallons of oil, 33,300 gallons of fresh water, 104,000 gallons of bal- last water and 540 gallons each of hydraulic and gear oil.

Deck equipment includes six Patter- son 65 winches: Schoellhorn-Albrecht 10 hp-two speed capstans; 14, 48-in.

Nabrico kevels: 10 Blackburn roller chocks; two six-in. button chocks and 18 x 24 in. bolted watertight manholes; and 18 in. quarter turn flush manholes.

The deckhouse is mounted on vibration isolators for greater crew comfort and equipment longevity. Quarters are pro- vided for a crew of 12 and two guests, with a galley and dining facilities. Carri- er air conditioning cools and heats the pilothouse, galley and dining areas. A partial list of equipment in the wheel- house includes: two Furuno radars; a

Furuno color depth sounder; a DeHart gyro; a GPS receiver; a Pinpoint River

Pro Charting system; two Icom VHF radios with handsets; a Sea-Hail loud- hailer; and two Watercom cellular com- munications systems.

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