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Hornbeck-Leevac Expands Tug and Barge Fleet

Hornbeck-Leevac Marine Services has acquired the Spentonbush/Red Star

Group marine transportation fleet for $28 million, and has entered into a strategic alliance with Amerada Hess

Corp. in the Northeast U.S. market. The vessels acquired include nine ocean- going tugs and ocean-going tank barges.

In addition to the acquisition of the

Hess fleet. Hornbeck-Leevac has signed a long-term contract with Amerada Hess with the understanding that it will be exclusive marine logistics provider and transporter of petroleum products in the

Northeast U.S. These vessels will be uti- lized primarily in the transportation of gasoline, and residual fuel oil between refineries, distribution terminals and ships lightering across the Eastern

Seaboard. The transaction also covers the right to acquire Amerada Hess's marine facility in Brooklyn where Horn- beck-Leevac's regional operations will now be based.

ASRY Elects New

Technical/Marketing Manager

ASRY (Arab Shipbuilding and Repair

Yard) in Bahrain has appointed Fran-


As the result of the merger of the well-known Spanish builders

Asiilleros Espanoles and Ba/an. IZAR offers one of the largest shipbuilding capabilities in the world.

Our mission is to help shipowners to match the increasing demands of a competitive shipping market. And we have a large experience in doing it.

IZAR is ciirrenllv building a series of LNG carriers with the latest technology, hut also the new dredgers for the hest known operator of the world

IZAR has huilt some of the fastest ferries in the world, hut also three dual drilling units for the Gulf of Mexico, incorporating the latest offshore technology, alter hav ing been the pionner in FPSO's.

IZAR is designing a new generation of fast Ro-Pax, but also has the most advanced and environment friendly technology in double-hull tankers or in chemical carriers.

And far more, because we are ready to meet any demand.



Bring your Utopia to IZAR.


P" de la Castellana. 55 • 28046 MADRID. Spain • Tel. +34 91 335 84 (III • Fax +34 91 441 50 90 •

Circle 245 on Reader Service Card 40 lUM's President and CEO

Retires After 12 Years

Interocean Ugland Management Corp. (IUM), Vorhees, N.J., announced that

William H. Lockwood, Jr., president and CEO, retired from the organization on May 31, 2001. Lockwood, who has served the maritime industry in various capacities for 39 years, had held the top position at IUM since 1989.

Replacing Lockwood is Captain Jorge

Aguirre — the organization's current executive vice president and COO. Cap- tain Aguirre, who has been with IUM since 1980, has held numerous opera- tional positions throughout his 16-year sea-going career, and has been executive vice president/COO since 1997.

WSF Needs A New CEO

Washington state's Department of

Transportation is currently seeking a

Chief Executive to pilot its ferry system.

The company, which operates 29 boats that cross Puget Sound and inland waterways, boasts the largest fleet in the

U.S. transporting approximately 27 mil- lion passengers last year.

Inexa Signs Agreement For

Shipbuilding Profiles

The Inexa Group has agreed to a long- term contract with the German company

HSP Spundwand und Profil GmbH in

Dortmund, and with the Italian company

AFV Beltrame Sidermarghera rolling mill (SDM) in Marghera. According to the agreement, Inexa will take over the sales and marketing of these companies' production of shipbuilding profile — mainly bulb flats.

Circle 34 on Reader Service Card


The Director General of Training for the Panama Maritime Authority (PMA) has approved accreditation of MITAGS'

STCW95 training courses, declaring that MITAGS had met the stringent requirements for accreditation as a

STCW95 Training Center for the Pana- manian Seafarers Maritime Training


Maritime Reporter & Engineering News ciszek Magnowski as the head of its

Technical and Mar- keting Department.

Magnowski, whose expertise encompasses not only the ship repair and conversion mar- ket, but also the off- shore sector (particu- larly the FPSO and

FSO market), will work to expand fur- ther the company's business into major conversion and offshore projects.


Magnowski, Head of ASRY's Technical and Marketing department.

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