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MALIN 6000 Portable Electronic Diesel Engine

Data Acquisition and Performance Monitoring System

With hundreds of installations worldwide, the manufacturer of the first commercial portable engine analyzer has just raised the industry standard - AGAIN!


SOFTWARE CREATES: • Draw cards • PV diagrams • Derivative curves • Data overlays • Balance diagrams •Trends of critical parameters liidHB

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Complete hardware and software package

NEW FEATURES ; °pEBFOPN>^C'E \ ' and \ oeDUCE FOtL . —"-

Start of injection sensor - external vibration sensor is utilized to detect fuel pump timing.

Superimpose this critical performance parameter on the cylinder pressure traces.

Free running mode - allows the engineer to view real time data on the Malin display.

Data is continuously updated. Extremely useful when making adjustments to the engine.

USCG licensed, degreed engineers available to provide training and installation assistance

User defined channel - facilities are available for other inputs such as temperature, turbo speed, differential pressures, gas pressures or an optional bar code reader.

Manufactured in England by Malin Instruments, Ltd. Contact the exclusive North American Distributor

Tel: (860) 767-3095

Fax: (860)767-1263 22 Main Street

E-mail: Centerbrook, CT 06409 USA

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