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Circle No. 101

Alstom and Kamewa Combine

Expertise To Create Mermaid

Alstom and Kamewa (part of Rolls-

Royce), have joined forces in developing a marine propulsion system based on the pod concept. The joint development combines Kamewa's hydrodynamic experience with Alstom's expertise in marine engineering, electric propulsion, motors and generators. concept


ExxonMobil Takes A New

Approach to

Marine Lubrication

ExxonMobil Marine Lubricants is work- ing diligently to set a new standard in performance around the world-with a new global approach to marine lubrica- tion that provides easier ways of doing •'.' —business. To develop our approach, we conducted extensive research, and cus- tomers around the world told us what mattered to them.

Circle No. 102

Gain Knowledge Via DNV's

Dedicated Network

Gain access to DNV's knowledge base, which accumulates information about customers' individual ships. The knowl- edge base is accessed through a private and dedicated network enabling all our staff to work on-line with the knowledge base. Circle No. 103

MAN B&W Works to Meet

NOx Limits

MAN B&W is keen on meeting the primary methods of moderate local

NOx limits via ultrasonic or mechanical homogenizers; increased pressure to avoid cavitation; 1 -t years of operational experience; and modification of engine components such as fuel pumps, camshaft and control system. The com- pany also complies with IMO NOx limits by means of engine adjustment and component modification, which affects the engine combustion process directly. Circle No. 104

Wartsila Introduces

Latest Engines

Wartsila has continuously enlarged its gas engine portfolio in recent decades.

The gas engines have also been devel- oped for different applications to suit customer needs. The latest gas engines introduced are the Wartsila 32DF and

Wartsila 50DF engines.

Circle No. 105

Clean Seal Provides

Endless Coverage

Clean Seal, Inc. of South Bend, Ind. offers extruded EPDM, Neoprene,

Silicone and Nitrile Seals to the marine industry. The company offers vulcanizing services for endless seal applications. In the extruded rubber industry since 1978, the company warehouse more than 6 million feet of products, stocking more than 500 profiles for just-in-time delivery.

Circle No. 106

Shave Away's Dust Muzzle

Works With Any Vacuum

Dust Muzzle is a polypropylene shroud for collecting dust made by angle sanders and die grinders. It is flexible, transpar- ent and retrofits over 1,200 tools in min- / utes. No special paper is needed, it works with any vacuum and it is over 95 percent efficient. The company also offers its Chip

Muzzle, which is a heavy duty PVC dust collector that retrofits all needle scalers into dustless tools in minutes. Easily adapted to corners or curves, it is more than 95 percent efficient.

Circle No. 107

Step On Board With IMC

Internet-On-Board is the latest product from IMC, the acknowledged cruise industry leader in wireless data commu- nication, information content and pro- cessing services for the mobile commu- nity. Internet-On-Board gives you the opportunity to generate significant addi- tional revenue through e-mail and surf- ing charges as well as marketing other shipboard items and services. Circle No. 108

Telenor Provides Global

Inmarsat Coverage

Telenor offers Inmarsat A-M services in all ocean regions. The Inmarsat A-M terminals make use of global beam tech- nology, while the latest members of the

Inmarsat family, Mobiq (mini-M) and

GAN, exploit the spot beam technology.

Circle No. 109

Mascoat's Delta T Enhances

Shipboard Insulation

Delta T Marine Insulating Coating designed to replace or enhance conven- tional thermal insulating materials found in shipboard construction. A 20-60-mil layer achieves an equivalen- cy insulation factor of R9-15 Equivalency. Circle No. 110




Circle No. 112 •L ' -ampler* (tDmouohton r Marine Sn;n«me Extttts

AA « • V^.iTlim.- T t ^ nationally certified American Permalight substance used to make the photoluminescent signs.

Circle No. 114

Keep it Safe and Simple

With WichiTech

WichiTech Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures simple, safe, reliable and value packed composite repair systems.

WichiTech accessories include heating blankets, HB-1 printer, vacuum pump, student training kit, mobile repair sta- tion and more.

Circle No. 115

Reiss Manufacturing

Turns Up the Heat

Reiss Manufacturing, Inc. and its Ronsil

Rubber Division is one of the oldest compounders/formulators and fabrica- tors of heat cured silicone in the country.

Since 1947 the company has supplied the marine industry with a variety of sil- icone seals, gaskets, tubing and specialty design silicones to solve shipbuilding problems. Circle No. 116

Omnithruster's Jets Answer the Call At All Times

For 25 years, Omnithruster has been designated as a leading company in the development of (waterjet) maneuvering systems. Omnithruster's unique patent- ed designs, which provide diverse maneuverability and auxiliary propul- sion, have been the installation choice on vessels worldwide.

Circle No. 117

NLB's 40201 Pumps Out

The Power

NLB 40201 pump produces up to 40,000 psi of (waterjet) power to quick- ly remove coatings, rust and more from ship surfaces. Features rugged, reliable performance and low operating cost.

Circle No. Ill

STN Offers Innovative

Pod Concept

The main principle of this new podded propulsion system is a powerful electric motor, which directly drives the pro- peller, installed in a streamlined pod under the ship. DOLPHIN is applica- ble for a large variety of ship types when high speed or maneuverability or a combination of both is required.

Houghton Offshore

Produces Chemical


Since 1865, Houghton International has been serving the offshore oil and gas industries along with a variety of other markets with the development and pro- duction of specialty chemicals, oils, and lubricants. Circle No. 113

Sign Out With Maritime

Associates' Technology

Maritime Associates, Inc. manufac- tures and supplies a complete range of

IMO/SOLAS safety signs and posters as well as 1,1.1, pathway systems. The company uses a number of materials in manufacturing, including the inter-

Thordon's Bearings are


Thordon Bearings, a pioneer in the development of pollution tree bearing designs offer a choice of sealed or open, water lubricated propeller shaft bearing systems. The Thor-I.ube sealed stem tube system combines proven XL bear- ings with Thor Lube, a water soluble, non-polluting lubricant.

Thordon's open water lubricated system choices are COMPAC,

XL and composite; each offering specific advantages in different water environments. Circle No. 118

Southeastern Connecticut Is

Ideal for Marine Businesses

Learn about Southeastern Connecticut — the ideal location for marine-related businesses. The company offers a great location (only a two-hour drive from both Boston and New York), a deep water port, enterprise and foreign trade zones, targeted tax breaks, resourceful incentive programs and a special marine loan fund. Circle No. 119

G.A. Braun Keeps Shipboard

Washrooms Clean

G.A. Braun, Inc., is your single-source supplier for a fully automated laundry system —- a system that enables one operator to manage the washroom from one station-efficiently and profitably.

Global leadership in the design, build- ing and manufacture of world-class commercial/industrial laundries; "smart" laundry and textile systems, products and services.

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