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Lolamat Provides

Shock Value

Lolamat is extremely shock-proof and at the same time extraordinari- ly resistant to wear and tear. The panels offer planners, architects and users remarkable free- dom in design. With

LOLAMAT, excellent acoustic sound proofing results are achieved so that the passengers' use of all rooms is as pleasant as possible.

Circle No. 121

Oil and Water

Don't Mix at RWO

RWO-Water Technolo- gy-Bremen is specialized since 1975 in oil/water separation. More than 5,000 waste water treatment systems have been sold worldwide to first class customers in the marine business.

RWO offers all kind of water-and waste water treatment systems for shipboard use.

Circle No. 122

Fidelio Keeps

Cruise Industry


Formed in 1995, and headquartered in

Hamburg, Germany, with an office in Fort

Lauderdale, Fla., Fide- lio Cruise Software

Group is a global company and currently sup- ports 91 vessels representing 31 cruise lines worldwide. Circle No. 123

Clean Up With

Amistco's Filco

Plus Units

Amistco Filco-Plus units separate solids, emul- sions, hydrocarbon flu- ids and water. They can clean diesel, jet fuel or other hydrocarbon products by removing water emulsions and solids from ships, barges, at terminals and stor- age facilities. The company manufactures a wide range of pollution control and separating technologies for a wide range of industries.

Circle No. 124

Leslie's Valves

Provide Control

Leslie Controls, Inc., a division of Circor Inter- national, is a manufac- turer of process control valves, severe service control valves, on-off valves, regulators, steam water heaters, actuators, and controls. Circle No. 125

Mathey Dearman — A Cut Above

The Rest

Equipment such as automatic welding machines, welding and cutting robots and lasers for cutting and welding were invented to improve welder produc- tivity and accuracy. Mathey goes one step fur- ther, as it offers seven ways to cut and bevel

July, 2001 • 1 H'Mi ! i pipe in an attempt to fill every facet of the cus- tomer's cutting and beveling needs.

Circle No. 126

IHC Lagersmit's

Stern Tubes

Are Supreme

Supreme stern tubes are suitable for all types of vessel and for every shaft diameter. Because of their high reliability and the ease with which they can be inspected and maintained, these seals are widely used in con- junction with controllable-pitch propellers.

Circle No. 127

Make Sure Your

Couplings are


Based on its motto of "Performance Without

Compromise," since 1935, the Quick Dis- connect and Valve Divi- sion of Snap-tite, Inc., offers a variety of com- binations, sizes, and types of quick disconnect couplings. Circle No. 128



Couplings Are

Quality Driven

Vulkan Couplings are world renowned for high quality, guaranteed torsional stiffness and damping capacity. Brand names include the high- ly flexible Rato Couplings, Vulastik-L, Vulkar- dan-E, Flexomax, and Torflex. Vulkan Cou- plings are found on Diesel engines and electric motor-driven equipment including marine propulsion, on rigid-mounted or free-standing transmissions, compressors, two-bearing gen- erators and pumps. Silicone elements are avail- able on several couplings for high temperature applications.

Circle No. 129

Blohm + Voss

Continues A




Since 1877, Blohm +

Voss, a company of

ThyssenKrupp Werften, has stood for quality in shipbuilding and mechanical engineering.

In 1995/1996, the three company divisions were split into independent companies:

Blohm+Voss GmbH. Covering the shipbuild- ing activities, Blohm + Voss Repair GmbH, concentrates on service and ship repair, and focuses on mechanical engineering and system engineering. Circle No. 130

Brookfield isotoc! certified Engineering — A

BROOKFIELD New Generation of Viscosity


For over 65 years

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories has been the world's leading manufacturer of Viscosity

Measuring Equipment for laboratory and process control applications. The new genera- tion of sophisticated Brookfield Viscometers and Rheometers sets world standards for fast, accurate, reliable measurement and control.

Circle No. 131

Meyer Werft —

The Jewel in the




Now in the sixth genera- tion of the Meyer family with Bernard Meyer serving as managing partner of the company, since 1982, Meyer Werft has earned an inter- national reputation for building special types of ships, such as luxurious car and passenger ferries, RoRo, and passenger ships, as well as gas tankers and livestock carriers — in addi- tion to its construction of cruise liners.

Circle No. 132

It's Survival of the

Fittest With

Imperial's Suit

The founders of Imperial

International, Inc. have been in the marine indus- try for decades, and as manufacturers of the

Imperial Immersion Suit, are steadfast to ensure the protection of individuals within the marine industry.

A well maintained suit increases chances of survival, lasts longer, and saves time and money. An experienced service technician can find seemingly minor defects that can cause major problems.

Circle No. 133

Drager Drager Protects Against Toxic Gases

Since 1889, Drager has had an outstanding rep- utation for solving problems in the field of human breathing. Drager has been deeply involved in the handling of gases, in particular hazard protection and the saving of life in medical and industrial emergencies.

Many of the company's 8500 employees are active in research and innovation to ensure that the latest techniques and scientific advances are fully tested before their inclusion in new equipment. Circle No. 134

Kaefer Offers

A Complete


As a main contractor,

KAEFER offers yards and shipping companies the complete turn-key interior finishing of their ships.


U ^Samm***^ J

Circle No. 135

VI I MVIit II • ..I - ' .1. '' . .


Designs To

Individual Specs

Located in La Porte,

La., Aluma-Tech designs and manufac- tures custom alu- minum products, such communication as control rooms, command centers, doors, windows and complete workstations to each customer's specifications.

Circle No. 136

Stay in Touch At

Sea With Coastel


Coastel Communica- tions offers its cus- tomers one of the most reliable offshore cellular equipment product base in the industry. Howev- er, dependable equipment is just the begin- ning; Coastel continually searches for new ways to better serve its customer s with competitive rates, new technology and ever- expanding coverage. Circle No. 137


Maintains Safety

Technofibre provides professional lifeboat and davit maintenance worldwide. ISO 9002

Certified, it is also an authorized service com- pany to over 20 lifeboat and davit manufactur- ers. Circle No. 138


Fleet Ensures



Before any ship sets out for the seas, the captain always examines the list of medical and pharma- ceutical requirement and issues requisitions to obtain supplies essential for the voyage of his ship. Fleet Medical

Resources recognizes the importance of the ship's requirements for these drugs used to restore and maintain a healthy environment for the captain and crew. Circle No. 139

Get More From

Your Fuel With

Power Research

PRI-R heavy fuel oil treatment and PRI-D diesel treatment provide superior protection against the ravages of today's tough fuels. Merchant and cruise ship operators have documented that PRI prevents engine deposits, overcomes compatibility issues, protects against high CCA1, and reduces smoke opacity, Nox and S02.

Circle No. 140

Marlow-Ropes Are

Diversified in



Marlow Ropes, an approved ISO 9001 com- pany. are worldwide lead- ers in pioneering the use of specialist fibers and rope constructions for the marine and offshore industries. Our suc- cess is based on technical knowledge, under- standing the application requirement and sat- isfying the user needs. This ensures that Mar- low products are used with confidence in diverse and demanding markets.

Circle No. 141 61

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