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The Automated Ship

An important milestone, and one of the first building projects in the massive $17-billion transforma- tion of the USCG in its Deepwater program, occurred at Bollinger Shipyards, Inc., Lockport, La., with the decommissioning of the 110-ft. (37.4-m) Island Class Patrol Boat, USCG Matagorda. The vessel's decommissioning is only temporary as during the next nine months, it will undergo extensive modifi- cations and re-emerge as a larger 123-ft. cutter with enhanced capabilities in command, control, communications, computers, intelligence and reconnaissance (C4ISR). Bollinger and Halter Marine,

Inc of Gulfport, Miss., formed HBJV, a joint venture which is a sub-contractor to Northrop Grumman

Ship Systems in the construction of new cutters and the modification and lengthening of others.

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LCS and Deepwater Share Much

Navy and Coast Guard Cooperate for Future Fleets

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By Edward H. Lundquist

The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard are working closely together to meet their respective operational challenges while developing their future fleets.

The Navy's Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) program and the Coast Guard's

Integrated Deepwater System (IDS) project offer new opportunities for col- laboration and innovation between the sea services.

The Navy's role of assuring access in the littoral of the world is in many ways similar to the Coast Guard's mission of maritime homeland defense. Both sea services will revitalize their forces with a network-centric capability to control the maritime domain.

The Navy's future fleet of surface combatants will include the advanced

DD(X) destroyer and CG(X) cruiser, as well as the in-service AEGIS fleet of cruisers and destroyers, along with a new type of ship, the focused-mission

LCS. Envisioned as modular and recon- figurable, LCS will meet an urgent requirement to counter asymmetric anti- access threats in the coastal regions of the world, where the major centers of political, military, and commercial

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