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U.S. Navy

CVN-76 is the first nuclear Aircraft Carrier to sport a bulbous bow, a feature designed to enhance flight operations. The new bow adds 36 feet to the underwater length of the ship. (Bow and Island Lift photos by John Whalen) "Network Centric" is the buzzword of tomorrow's Navy, and the nuclear

Aircraft Carrier - particularly the Ronald

Reagan - is designed to increasingly ful- fill the role of coordinator. To accom- modate today's and future needs to effi- ciently gather, analyze and disseminate information, one of the major technolog- ical advance on the ship is the enhanced

Integrated Communications and

Network (ICAN) system, featuring an advanced fiber optic network.

CVN-76 is literally bursting with new technology inside, with the integration of touch screen monitor controls around the ship to commandeer everything from compartmental ventilation to firefight- ing capabilities.

Ronald Reagan, the ninth Nimitz-class nuclear aircraft carrier, also features many additional design features, includ- ing: • Island House: The first major design change in the Island House since the original design in 1960, it is the same height but has one less level, giving an additional 9 in. of overhead space per level to accommodate larger amounts of wiring for systems. This was the first time an island was designed using 3-D product modeling (Catia). In addition, the weapons elevator is now housed in the island, and important design modifi- cation, which allows weapons handling on deck during flight operations. • Deck: The deck angle on CVN-76 was changed slightly, a move that allows the carrier to launch aircraft off both cat- apults while simultaneously retrieving aircraft. Combined with the integration of the weapons elevator into the Island, this greatly enhances the efficiency of flight operations.




The Hammar H20 is a hydrosta- tic release unit, that enables liferafts and EPIRBs to surface and inflate or activate when a ship is sinking. The H20 is the world market leader and has more approvals from shipping authorities jfr than any other ** release unit.

The new Hammar

H20 has a Red

Weak Link™ - but there is nothing weak about it

A brand new Hammar

H20 with the Red C

Weak Link™ connector makes the installation easier and safer.

A new black thimble

The new

Hammar H20 has a black thimble marked

DECK which makes it easier to install.

The new Hammar H20 has a 3-step coupling device that, by eliminating the risk of incorrect installation, makes it even safer.

No service or maintenance

The Hammar H20 never corrode and doesn't need service or maintenance for two years.

The Hammar H20 fits Liferafts and

EPIRBs of all shapes and sizes.




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Now with leak detection"

View Your Entire

Loading Operation in One Glance!

The on-deck cargo loading display is designed for use by shipboard personnel on board tank ships and barges to view the complete loading operation in one glance. It is built for the harshest environ- ments of temperature, water, salt, and vibration.

It is approved by both ABS and USCG in full com- pliance for on-deck cargo loading operations. • Tank ullages in feet, inches or meters. • Individual tanks rate-of-f i 11 or empty in

BBLS/Tons/GAL or metric. • Individual tanks time-to-full or empty in

HR/Minutes. • Individual tank temperatures. • Header pressure. • Individual pump status ON/OFF. • Two alarm set points for ullage, temperatures and pressures.



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Circle 279 on Reader Service Card Circle 254 on Reader Service Card • Mainmast: A new mainmast has been designed which increased the 57-in. diameter mast polte to an eight-ft. square mast. The new design keeps electrical and piping systems in a ballis-

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