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U.S. Navy tic enclosure for survivability purposes.

The AFT mast was relocated from the island house to put it in closer proximity to other radar systems. • Bulbous Bow: Reagan is the first to have a bulbous bow. designed to improve flight operations. In addition, larger arresting gear is installed, allow- ing the ship to recover heavier aircraft.

The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle

Taken as a whole, the modern Aircraft

Enhanced Safety and Operating Efficiency

IBS is a comprehensive bridge system developed by JRC with three aims: energy conservation, reduced labor demands, and greater safety.

A host of unique electronics technologies in fields ranging from radar,

ECDIS and navigation data display to IRCS and INMARSAT — contribute to enhanced safety at sea with significantly lighter demands on the steersman. 0 SJD-1206 IRCS Workstation

With this one workstation it is possible to operate a multitude of radio communication facilities. A user-friendly design ensures easy operation by all operators. © JMA-9800 Color ARPA Radar

This futuristically designed radar unit features a large 29-inch high-definition color CRT display. It enables quick detection of small targets. # JAN-3598 ECDIS Total Navigator

This advanced ECDIS system permits fully automatic navigation. It features a large color

LCD and abundant functions unique to JRC, including radar video overlay, grounding prevention, NAVTEX data, route safety check, alarm displays and engine data display. The result is greater safety and economy.




JRC] flapon Radio Co.,lid.

Maritime Sales Department: 1-1, Shimorenjaku 5-chome.

Mitaka-shi. Tokyo 181-8510, Japan

Telephone: 81-422-45-9552

Telefax: 81-422-45-9273 34

Seattle Branch Office: 1011 SW Klickitat Way Bldg. B.

Suite 100 Seattle. WA 98134. USA

Telephone: 1-206-654-5644

Telefax: 1-206-654-7030

New York Sales Office:

Suite 208. 2125 Center Avenue

Fort Lee. N107024. I SA

Telephone: 1-201-242-1882

Telefax: 1-201-242-1885

JRC Amsterdam Office:

Cessnalaan 40-42. 1119 NL.


The Netherlands

Telephone: 31-20-658-0750

Telefax: 31-20-658-0755


IS09001, IS014001 Certified

JRC do Brasil Kmpreendinuntos

Electronics l.tda.

Av. Almirante Barroso. 63-S/309

CEP20031-003 Rio de laneiro. Rl. Brasil

Telephone: 55-21-220-8121

Telefax: 55-21-240-6324

Circle 238 on Reader Service Card

Bob Gunter, Jr., Northrop Grumman Newport

New's Vice President, Aircraft Carrier Program

Carrier is mind numbing in magnitude; taken in pieces, it is mind blowing.

From keel to delivery Reagan took five years to build, and incorporated more than 47.000 tons of structural steel and about a million pounds of aluminum. It features four bronze propellers, each 21- ft. in diameter and each weighing 66.220 lbs. Steering is accomplished by a pair of rudders, each measuring 29 x 22 ft. and weighing 50 tons. It has a dis- tillation plant that provides 400.000 gal- lons of fresh water from sea water daily, nearly 30.000 light fixtures, 1,325 miles of cable and wiring, 1.400 telephones, 14.000 pillowcases and 28,000 sheets.

The question then becomes: How does it all come together?

Enter Bob Gunter, Jr.. Northrop

Grumman Newport News' senior V.P.

Aircraft Carrier Program and his cohorts: Nearly 18,000 NNS employees, the U.S. Navy, and veritable boat load of outside products and systems suppliers.

Gunter explains that several develop- ments with Reagan paid off tremendous- ly in terms of efficiency in the construc- tion of Reagan, development, which will greatly enhance the construction of

CVN-77, the George H.W. Bush, as well as the next generation of Aircraft Carrier currently under design. In short, modu- lar construction techniques and software integration — long bastions of the com- mercial marine market — were used in earnest on Reagan to great result.

Gunter explained that for production

NNS ascribes to the "1-3-8 Rule": What takes one hour in the shop takes three hours outside, and eight hours on the ship. "Our goal is to drive more pre-out- fitting into the shop." he said.

The capability to accomplish this lies in NNS's selection of IBM/Dassault

System's Catia CADCAM program, as well as its recent, company-wide SAP

System installation, which effectively combines all databases into a seamless unit. IBM served as integrator for both

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