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Grear Ships of 20003

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great ships of 2003

Name Adebaran Star

Builder Daewoo Shipbuilding

Owner Vela International

Type Aframax Product Carrier

Aldebaran Star is an Aframax product carrier constructed by DSME, Okpo shipyard for Vela International Marine

Ltd. under the survey of Lloyd's

Register of Shipping. The vessel was designed with three (3) longitudinal bulkheads including one (1) centerline bulkhead and transverse bulkheads to m GET A GRIP!!

A PILGRIM NUT® will provide the Interference Fit and Frictional Grip on your rudder stock as required for proper installation, as specified by Lloyds and other classification societies.



Pilgrim Nut on Rudder Stock on the M/V "Lopez"

Pilgrim Nut locations on typical rudder assembly. 91 Willenbrock Road

Unit B4

Oxford, CT 06478

Phone: (203) 267-5712

Fax: (203) 267-5716 email: sales @

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Circle 220 on Reader Service Card

Sasakura developed new generation of

Plate Type Fresh Water Generator. AQUARIO


Capacity range: 3-40t/day

No Front Cover!!

The deletion of front cover provides:- * Easier disassembly and reassembly of

Plate Heat Exchanger. '^•^•••••••••••Hm * No corrosion of Frame, Guide bar, End cover and

Bolts & Nuts because they do not contact with seawater. * Minimal installation and maintenance.

Sasakura provides Water Makers of the Submerged Tube Type, Multiple Effect Type,

Two Stage & Multi Stage FlashType, Reverse Osmosis Type and Vacuum Vapor Compression

Type for various applications.

ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. 7-32, Takejima 4-chome, Nishiyodogawa-ku,Osaka 555-0011, Japan Tel:+81-6-6473-2134 Fax:+81-6-6473-5540

E-mail: website :

HONG KONG : Sasakura International (H.K.) Co.,Ltd. Tel:+852-2850-6139 Fax:+852-2850-5259

Circle 204 on Reader Service Card have six (6) pairs of cargo tanks fully coated with pure epoxy, two slop tanks, one retention tank with mopping-up sys- tem and wing and double bottom water ballast tanks for water ballast.

The vessel has designed and built to meet the classification notations of : + 100A1, "Double Hull Oil Tanker",

ESP, ShipRight(SDA, FDA, CM), LI, +LMC, UMS, NAV1, IBS, ICS, *IWS,

SPM with the descriptive notes of "PL,

SBT. ETA. COW, ShipRight (PCWBT,


The Vessel has a continuous upper deck without forecastle, a raked stem with bulbous bow, a transom stern, a semi-balanced rudder and a fixed pitch propeller directly driven by a

B&W5S70MC engine with MCR output of 19,100 PS at 91 rpm.

Design fatigue life of 25 years was applied for the longitudinal stiffener's end corrections to transverse webs/bulk- heads in cargo area according to the requirement of LR FDA level II and all main longitudinal material in cargo area were suitably scarfed fore and after to ensure that all loads are transferred effectively.

The vessel is capable of carrying and handing three (3) grades of oil/petrole- um product simultaneously with double valve segregation and a high pressure fresh water washing system.

The vessel was equipped with a first aid fire fighting system for high-level safety of the accommodation area.

The latest navigational equipment including an integrated navigation sys- tem and ECDIS was installed on board the vessel and also a nautical informa- tion display of the integrated navigation system was installed on the bridge wing.

The engine room machinery such as generators and pumps was designed to controlled/monitored by the ship's com- puterized control system including a power management system. 20 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News

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