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Cruise Shipping addressing, control and alarm systems. • Five of the six generators can supply all normal service rating. Normally all engines will run. but this arrangement allows for one engine to be out of serv- ice for maintenance. • The Mariner of the Seas has three azimuthing electric 14 MW Azipod units. The two units on the sides are fully azimuthing whereas the one at the centerline is a fixed Azipod unit.

The Mariner of the Seas has been designed to manage 40 knots side winds - where ships normally can stay maneu- verable in 25-30 knots winds. To handle this, there are four 3 MW tunnel thrusters in the bow in addition to the

Azipod units in the stern.

Sea trials showed that the ship can even move sideways with a speed of three knots.

The sea trials also showed that the manoeuvrability and course stability of the ship is very good. propellers". • Divided redundant main electric dis- tribution and monitoring between the wheelhouse and control room (on Deck 1). and between the two separated high voltage switchboards (on Deck 0) and the three separate cyclo-converter rooms (on Deck 0 and Tween Deck). • Divided redundant telephone, public cessfully completed, MAPS was used to recruit, train and assign the 1,250 crew on QM2. Cunard Line is now thus using MAPS to plan the allocation, trav- el and certification of crew across all its vessels.

Atlantic Marine

Recognized for Safety

Atlantic Marine and Atlantic Dry

Dock Corp. has been recognized by the

National Safety Council (NSC) for its outstanding safety record in 2004. The

Atlantic Marine Shipyards, by reducing its injury and illness rates by 82 percent for the year, won the NSC Green Cross for Safety Excellence Achievement,

Perfect Record, Certificate of Merit and

Significant Improvement Award.

NorseMerchant Ferries

Plans Service Upgrade

NorseMerchant Ferries is to upgrade its Heysham — Belfast service to three sailings per day in each direction with effect from March 1. 2004. This increase in sailing frequency closely follows the restructuring of the compa- ny, which was completed in December, said NorseMerchant Ferries' Managing

Director, Phillip Shepherd.

March 2004




The Hammar H20 is a hydrosta- tic release unit, that enables liferafts and EPIRBs to surface and inflate or activate when a ship is sinking. The H20 is the world market leader and has more approvals from shipping authorities ^r than any other * release unit.

The new Hammar

H20 has a Red

Weak Link™ - but there is nothing weak about it

A brand new Hammar

H20 with the Red t.

Weak Link™ connector makes the installation easier and safer.

A new black thimble

The new

Hammar H20 has a black thimble marked

DECK which makes it easier to install.

The new Hammar H20 has a 3-step coupling device that, by eliminating the risk of incorrect installation, makes it even safer.

No service or maintenance

The Hammar H20 never corrode and doesn't need service or maintenance for two years.

The Hammar H20 fits Liferafts and

EPIRBs of all shapes and sizes. \ * A v 4




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Smart Strain Gauge

Levei Sensor with

Generic 4-20mA Output

Use one sensor for all shipboard liquid levels

This technology has been designed specifically for surviving the rigors of ballast tank continuous monitoring. It weighs less than 2 oz. and is con- structed from 100% pure titanium. • It's the size of your thumb • Accuracy .25% of full scale • 100% Titanium • Weighs less than 2 oz. • ABS/USCG/Lloyds approved • FM Class 1, Div. 1 Intrinsically Safe • Removal without tank entry • No mercury or other contaminants • Interfaces to your existing monitoring system • One sensor for all shipboard liquids: fuel oil, lube oil, fresh water, black water, etc. • Generic 4-20 mA output • Used in 15,000 tanks worldwide

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