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Satellite Communications tures not found on previous models including an optional remote display panel which shows signal strength, gate- way. roaming and current phone regis- tration data. The unit offers low-cost voice communications combined with up to 56 kbps data speeds for email and

Internet use.

INAVSAT, a consortium formed joint- ly by Inmarsat, EADS Space Services and Thales, has been chosen as one of only three final bidders for the conces- sion to develop and run Galileo satellite navigation system, the European equiv- alent to GPS. The second competitive phase will now go ahead with the three consortia of companies on the shortlist.

Inmarsat, EADS Space and Thales are leaders in the field of mobile satellite communications, aerospace and naviga- tion products and services

Kongsberg Seatex AS signed an agreement with the Galileo Joint

Undertaking (GJU), which originates from the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Union (EU).

GJU is responsible for the development and implementation of Galileo —

Europe's state-of-the-art global naviga- tion system. Kongsberg will lead the

Maritime Galileo (MARGAL) consor- tium, which will address future use and standardization of Galileo Maritime services based on early use of the

European Geostationary Navigation

Overlay Service (EGNOS). A major challenge faced by MARGAL is to pro- vide identical basic solutions to both harbors/ports and inland waterways in order to provide a harmonized seamless service for both sectors. MARGAL is now moving into the design and demon- stration phase with testing equipment placed along the Danube as well as in several U.K. ports.

The Maritime group is EMS Satcom's newest team. The group extends EMS satcom's industry leading satellite tech- nology from air and land onto maritime platforms. The Fleet 55 Inmarsat satel- lite terminal is the group's flagship prod- uct, and provides 64kpbs ISDN and

MPDS connectivity to maritime vessels of all sizes, from small fishing vessels and yachts to large tankers and cargo vessels.

SeaDigital formed a business alliance with Telenor Satellite Services to mar- ket an integrated calling card solution.

The SeaDigital ONE Card will provide seafarers with worldwide access to satellite and terrestrial telecommunica- tions at very low cost. It is aimed specif- ically at the maritime market and allows seafarers to make calls while at sea or from port. The ONE Card is designed to provide an easy and affordable means to stay in touch with home and family,

March 2004 regardless of time or distance. The

SeaDigital ONE Card also provides increased flexibility for use on land and at sea in various combinations. The

ONE Card works with terrestrial phone services, as well as all of Telenor's serv- ices via Inmarsat including A, B, M,

Mini-M, GAN, and Fleet. Shore to ship calls can be made to all the mobile satel- lite providers such as Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya.

Telenor delivers high-speed data, voice and video communications and offers a portfolio of value-added servic- es including prepaid calling solutions, easy internet access with e-mail and direct calling to Inmarsat terminals.

Telenor also offers The Source, a web- based account management system available exclusively to Telenor Service

Providers. Telenor Satellite Services owns and operates a global network of land earth stations located at Eik (Norway) and Southbury (Connecticut) and Santa Paula (California) in the

United States, and uses the satellite sys- tems of Inmarsat, Intelsat, and Iridium for its services.

KVH Industries signed an extension of its 2002 agreement with Thrane &

Thrane, making KVH the sole marine channel partner of Thrane & Thrane's

Inmarsat Fleet marine satellite commu-

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