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Satellite Communications nications products to the U.S. marine market. KVH will continue to distribute

Thrane & Thrane's full line of existing

Inmarsat maritime products through

KVH's nationwide dealer network. In addition, KVH and the Denmark-based

Thrane & Thrane will work together to introduce products geared toward sup- porting high-speed, two-way data com- munications in the U.S. maritime mar- ket. The newest of these products is the

Tracphone F33 global satellite commu- nications system, which offers voice, fax, data, and high-speed Internet access around the world. Vessel owners and fleet managers rely on SeaWave STAR, a Web-based asset tracking tool. Vessels equipped with a SeaWave communica- tions system can be tracked for free by authorized remote users using SeaWave

STAR. Fleet owners and managers locate, monitor and communicate with all their vessels with a single heads-up display featuring common interface ele- ments. To generate tracking information the ship owner or administrator simply sets the desired time interval for reports.

Back on shore, authorized personnel with a user name and password can log into the mySeaWave Web portal and see the ship or multiple ships in a single dis- play. Tracking assets from the most remote areas in the world is a benefit to fleet management and safety. Benefits include: Track multiple vessels in the fleet; detailed voyage information; view log entries, comments, fuel and cargo reports; easily export data into Microsoft

Excel for trending and analysis; intuitive interface requires little or no training.

Nera F77 continues the companies long experience with 64 kbps high- speed data and high quality products dedicated to the maritime market. Nera

F77 will give ships online access to a whole range of applications like the internet and e-mail with the worlds first global maritime Mobile Packet Data

System (MPDS). The Nera F77 package includes high-speed ISDN at a 64 kbps. which permits fast data transfer. This gives a ship online access to a whole range of applications like the internet and e-mail.

The Eurocomm system delivers a 2 wire telephony interface in a ruggedized marine package. One is HWU-EFMU-

II-WS Iridium System features a ruggedized design designed for mar- itime use and environment. It is vibra- tion resistant and features low power consumption (25 W in TX mode / 8 W in stand- by mode).

Marlink now offers a full range of

Inmarsat services for customers requir- ing flexible and efficient land mobile communications over satellite. Marlink's new Regional Broadband Global Area

Network (Regional BGAN) offers reli- able. 24-hour a day Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity at data speeds of up to 144kbps via a secure channel. The serv- ice is available in Europe, Asia, and northern and central Africa.

Additionally, Marlink offers its Regional

BGAN users' access to a dedicated leased line from Telenor Satellite

Services. This exclusive communica- tions feature affords Marlink customers access to a secure transmission path for their high-speed data communications.

Another major benefit of Regional

BGAN is its cost effectiveness.

Connection to the Internet or a private network can be kept "always on" as cus- tomers pay only for the amount of data sent or received. Regional BGAN offers the additional benefit of using notebook- sized, portable satellite IP modems.



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