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Employment/Recruitment •

Diesel Mechanic/Port Engineer

Job Location: USA, Seward, Alaska

Diesel Mechanic/Port Engineer

Kenai Fjords Tours, Seward, AK

Diesel Mechanic/Port Engineer

Kenai Fjords Tours, Seward, AK


Department: Kenai Fjords Tours


Reports To: Operations Manager

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt


Assistant Port Engineer

General Function

Oversee and coordinate the repair, maintenance and improvement of Company owned vessels and vehicles to minimize loss of revenue and cost of repairs. Responsible to ensure vessels and vehicles provide comfortable and safe transportation for customers and employees and comply with applicable laws and regulations. Develop and implement cost effective maintenance and repair sched- ules for all vessels and vehicles to ensure comfortable and safe transportation.

Major Activities (Typical Duties/Responsibilities) 1. Supervise, coordinate and/or conduct all maintenance and repair activities on Company vessels and vehicles (the “fleet”). 2. In conjunction with the Operations Manager, manage the maintenance and repair plan for the Company’s fleet, while being mindful of costs, as well as customer and employee safety and comfort. 3. Determine key maintenance and repair parts and main- tain on site adequate supplies of each to ensure periodic and/or routine maintenance occurs with minimal disruption to fleet operations, particularly during operational tourism season (typically April through September). 4. Develop favorable relationships with parts and service vendors to ensure prompt service response; coordinate scope of work with vendors to ensure maximum purchas- ing power. 5. Responsible for maintenance of the Phoenix Avenue warehouse including petroleum storage, tool storage and general security. 6. Coordinate with the Land Facilities Maintenance

Technician to ensure that the Phoenix Avenue warehouse is maintained with safety and functionality in mind. Ensure compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations. 7. Oversee maintenance activities performed by the fleet crew, including training senior deckhands to recognize maintenance and/or repair issues as soon as possible. 8. Train all appropriate Company staff regarding the value and importance of scheduled routine maintenance and repairs. 9. Provide technical assistance to the Land Facilities

Maintenance Technician regarding the Fox Island fresh water system. 10. Ensure vessels and vehicles are maintained within applicable U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Department of

Transportation standards. 11. Assist, as necessary, in investigating hull and/or machinery casualties to determine cause, remedy and future preventative measures. 12. Assist with land facilities maintenance and deckhand duties as required. 13. Maintain accurate and timely records of engineering costs for each vessel and/or vehicle, such as repairs, sup- plies, labor, etc. 14. Supervise the Assistant Port Engineer and ensure the employee is appropriately trained and qualified to perform delegated tasks.

Skills/Abilities •Thorough understanding of operation of diesel and gas internal combustion engines, associated cooling systems, both A/C and D/C electrical systems, hydraulic systems, fresh and seawater plumbing systems and marine elec- tronics. •Excellent troubleshooting and analysis skills regarding mechanical, hydraulic and electrical failures. •

Identify and recommend cost effective, durable solutions to often complex mechanical problems. •Physical ability to climb ladders, lift up to 100 lbs on a regular basis, enter and operate in confined spaces, oper- ate power tools, operate in environment with a breathing apparatus, and operate Company vehicles.

Minimum Experience

Experience in hydraulics, marine engines, generators, plumbing, and electrical. Caterpillar certified, 3512 marine diesel experience preferred. SEC certification or extensive experience in commercial vehicle maintenance. Parts inventory and purchasing experience. Aware of general principles of inventory management.

Required Contacts •All CIRI Alaska Tourism Corporation executives, man- agers and staff •All CIRI Alaska Tourism Corporation maritime employees •Vendors and contractors •Marine insurance carriers and/or surveyors •General public

Tabetha Toloff

CIRI Alaska Tourism Corporation/Kenai Fjords Tours 2525 C Street, Suite 500

Anchorage AK 99503 USA

Phone: 907-263-5541

Fax: 907-263-5508

Email: [email protected]



Job Location: USA, Alameda, CA

JOB TITLE: Tank Barge Operator

LOCATION: Alameda, CA / San Francisco Harbor


Responsible for the safe and efficient transfer of petrole- um products between barges, ships, and facilities includ- ing completion of bills of lading and gauge reports. The job responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: cargo pumps, operate tank/pipeline valves, operate man- ual and hydraulic booms. Communicate with foreign crews and oil facility personnel. Adjust and secure barge lines.

Complete loading and discharge gauge reports. Load 55 gallon drums. Inspect vessel for Coast Guard and state regulatory compliance.


The job responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: -Must have physical ability to maneuver cargo hoses, han- dle barge lines and board vessels by use of an accommo- dation ladder, Jacob’s ladder or tugboat. -Must possess good communication skills by voice and/or visual hand signals. -Ability to do accurate paperwork. Knowledge of basic 5)& 7"/& #305)&34 $0.1"/: is recruiting qualified candidates for positions on our brand new state-of-the-art marine transport vessels operating along the Northeastern

Atlantic Seaboard. We offer highly favorable work schedules – 2 weeks on – 2 weeks off, as well as excellent opportunities for career advancement. 5VH.BTUFSTBOE.BUFT

Must possess a valid Master of Towing Vessels near coastal or greater endorsement. &YQFSJFODF XJUI QFUSPMFVN CBSHFT OFDFTTBSZ New York Harbor experience preferred. .BSJOF&OHJOFFST

Chief engineers for Coastal and Inland tugboats. Must possess a valid %%& (Designated Duty Engineers) license or greater. Valid ..% (Merchant Marine Document) required. Two years engine room experience required. 5BOLFSNFO

Current ..% and 1*$ endorsement required; experience preferred.

If you have the skills and experience for any of our open positions, please contact our 'MFFU3FDSVJUFSat  or fax your resumé to  XXXWBOFCSPUIFSTDPN


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