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Employment/Recruitment • arithmetic skills (add, subtract, multiply, and divide). -Knowledge of Coast Guard and state requirements for transfer operations. -Knowledge of company safety practices -Must be able to read, speak, and understand English over telephone and/or radio. -Must be able to perform the functions and possess the stamina to work long hours. -Ability to think and respond quickly to emergency situa- tions (oil spills, mechanical failures, etc.). -Ability to be self-motivated. -Ability to maintain professional relations with customers. -Ability to check oil and water in any equipment on board before putting in use. -Ability to do general barge maintenance and cleanliness. -Ability to test hydrostatic cargo hoses and piping. -Ability to change engine oil and filters. -Ability to splice barge lines and boom running gear.


Air purifying respirator, Self Contained Breathing

Apparatus (SCBA), air monitoring equipment, hearing pro- tection, VHF radio, hand tools, tow lines, high level alarms and thermometer.

Operates diesel engines, cargo pumps, hydraulic booms, cargo gear, gate valves, and butterfly valves.

JOB CONDITIONS AND ENVIRONMENT: -Must be able to work independently and without direct supervision. -Exposure to all weather conditions (rain, ice, snow, heat, wind, heavy seas, etc.) -Ability to adapt to a variety of schedules and hours -Able to work weekends, holidays, and at night. Willing to take call outs. -Must not be afraid of heights. -Valid state driver’s license.


Previous experience as a tank barge operator on oil barges required.


Must have a valid Coast Guard Merchant Mariners

Document with Tankerman endorsement.

Must have a valid first aid certificate.

Must have CPR training.

Complete HAZWOPER training within 90 days of hire.

Participate in onboard drills with tug crews when job per- mits.


Check oil and water in any equipment on board before put- ting in use.

General barge maintenance and cleanliness.

Hydrostatic testing of cargo hoses and piping.

Change engine oil and filters.

Splice barge lines and boom running gear.

Human Resources

Harley Marine Services 910 SW Spokane Street

Seattle WA 98194

Fax: 206-428-7194

Email: [email protected]


Sales Manager & Project Management Support

Job Location: USA, Petaluma, California

Primary Objectives:

This position has been created to expand Moose Boats external sales and marketing efforts while simultaneously ensuring greater continuity from contract receipt to vessel delivery.

To lead the development of Moose Boats sales and mar- keting functions. The Sales Manager will be primarily responsible for: 1) Product sales, marketing and sales administration. 2) Development and nurturing of long-term client relation- ships with both public and private entities requiring Moose Boat products. 3) Partnering with the Management Team to identify orga- nizational goals and to hold one another accountable for performance. 4) Preparation and implementation of an annual compre- hensive Sales Plan with specific targets identified for key metrics to be defined col- lectively by senior management group. 5) Assist General Manager in maintaining Federal Supply

Schedule contract. 6) Other special projects as determined by the Company.

In addition to a sales role, responsibilities around project management support will ensure continuity from the contracting period through the delivery stage. Project Management support responsibilities include: 1) Share production of and updates to project work orders under the supervision of the Production Manager. 2) Coordinate communication, as directed by General

Manager, between Moose Boats design & production staff and customer throughout vessel construction to better facilitate adherence to contract, clarify technical requirements, and update customers as needed on construction progress. 3) Develop and maintain database of Warranty and After-

Sales-Support history on each delivered boat under the supervision of the General

Manager. 4) Develop and maintain a promotional image catalog for

Marketing use under the supervision of the Design Director.

KEY TASKS • Work collectively with the Management Team to develop the Sales Plan, to keep it updated on an ongoing basis, to push the implementa- tion of the plan, and to monitor and report on progress toward the plan. • Adhere to goals for key metrics such as: quantity of monthly new client contacts, volume of client follow-up calls and annual sales targets as designated in Sales

Plan. • Conduct adequate market research to determine where potential lies for new business, target specific customers and identify the com- petition and incorporate in the plan above. • Call on target customers, end users in the plan, and effectively present Moose

Boat products and equipment. Work with the customer’s management, technical and operations staff to identify and develop applications and projects. • Maintain and continue to develop ongoing customer con- tacts to enhance and extend sales networks and to promote and close equip- ment sales and to ensure repeat sales. • Monitor all active projects and quotations in a timely manner, including reporting to management. • Understand thoroughly and stay informed on the cus- tomer decision-making process and the customer budgeting/capital approval cycle to direct effectively sales efforts, presentations, competitive responses and enhance forecast accuracy. • Participate, as directed by President and Vice President, in negotiating a selling price to the customer, complete with payment terms, that is acceptable to Moose

Boats. • Collect all relevant project details (financial, technical, and competitive), keep the sales database up-to-date accordingly and generate need- ed quotations and proposals. • Work closely with the Management Team to maximize efficiency in travel and time and expenses by planning trips to product shows, existing customers and to target customers identified in the new business develop- ment plan. • Negotiate delivery quotations acceptable to the cus- tomer and Production Dept. in conjunction with the Management Team. • Identify marketing shows and meeting beneficial to

Moose Boats and ensure a favorable presence at targeted venues throughout the U.S. • Work closely with the General Manager and other mem- bers of the Management

Team to share responsibilities, as required, to market and sell product, including initial customer contact, attendance at shows, handling customer inquiries, when needed, and assisting with customer follow up and serv- ice, as needed. • Support Production and Design staff in translating con- tracts into work orders for incoming projects. • Enhance strong customer relationships and manage cus- tomer requests for changes.

Qualifications: • A proven track record in the selling of capital equipment items (minimum value

US $200,000) or high-end maritime product sales is essential; • Familiarity with the marine industry, civil and law enforce- ment sector is highly desirable; • Military or law enforcement background a plus; • A sound engineering background with an understanding of controls systems is preferable; • Excellent interpersonal, communication and sales skill desirable; • Experience in maintaining and customizing SalesForce databases; • Ability to share effectively a lead role as a member of the

Management Team in a small organization with a hands-on approach to getting things done.

To Apply:

Please direct of letters of interest and resumes to Abbie

Walther – Vice President &

General Manager [email protected] or via fax 707- 778-9827.

Abbie Walther

Moose Boats 274 Sears Point Road

Petaluma CA 94952 USA

Phone: 707-778-9828

Fax: 707-778-9827

Email: [email protected]


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