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Goltens 10,000 sq.-m. purpose built facility in Dubai Maritime City opened in May 2013.

foundation for modeling and design and avoidable downtime for their vessels. then, due to the accuracy of the scans, can prefabricate all of the parts required As the business world grows increas- for a full turnkey retro? t. We now have ingly complex and competitive, what do more than 150 ballast water and emis- you count as the primary strengths of sions compliance projects completed or your company that make it stand out?

in process and feel that we are positioned It really boils down to our capability to extremely well in the market. respond to major casualties anywhere in the world with highly capable technical

Are there any new products or services resources with a full range of services. the market will see from Goltens in the We are the largest global independent re- coming year? pair company in our space and we have

Our focus is on continuing to expand located ourselves strategically around our specialized services range in addition the globe to serve our customers. There to continued investments in growing our are many local companies in the market

Green Technologies business. We plan that do pieces of what we do but there are to roll out our next generation of in-situ very few, if any, that offer the full range of crankshaft machining tooling to enable specialized services we offer on a global us to cut a broader range of journals, ex- basis. That said, the market is competi- pand our specialized laser alignment ca- tive and we need to constantly earn our pabilities and work with some of our key customers’ trust and business. We will principals to push dual fuel engine and continue to focus on advancing our ser- common rail retro? ts to market. vice capabilities to minimize downtime and keep our customers sailing.

Brie? y describe the overall importance of the maritime industry to the whole of your company. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly,

Goltens was created to service the mar- what’s the plan to celebrate ‘75’?

itime markets and this has always been Given our global footprint, having a the backbone of our client base. The large party is not really economical for us maritime community is the ideal cus- so we are being fairly low key with our tomer base for Goltens as we are focused plans. We had a small celebration at Nor- on responding to casualties and repairs shipping in Oslo in June with employees, in an immediate fashion. The maritime ownership, customers and partners and sector demands fast response, high qual- we will be marking the anniversary with ity and a fair price. Given the continued smaller celebrations with our employees ? nancial pressure in the market, owners at the stations around the world. and operators simply cannot afford any 39

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