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ASRY 2015 Strategy

Combats Challenging Market p to May 2015, ASRY (Arab clusive ? eet agreement signed in early tions is Project Jupiter - ASRY’s initia- with the Bahrain Coast Guard to design

Shipbuilding & Repair Yard), 2015 which will see almost its entire tive to build the leading cluster of spe- and construct a new Landing Craft for

Uwas seeing encouraging re- tanker ? eet dock at ASRY in the next cialist services in the Arabian Gulf. The the transport of vehicles, potable water sults from it’s 2015 strategy to combat two years. Another interesting project project has been gaining regional praise and fuel. the widespread challenges facing the was the Rimthan II, an OSV from Saudi for its approach to yard-contractor part- The craft, potentially the ? rst of two, maritime repair market, particularly Aramco, which had a new installation of nerships and made another important ad- will be delivered in 2016 and will be shipowners reduced repair budgets. In a 75-tonne Liebherr deck crane, includ- dition recently, this time with the signing approximately 34.5m in overall length, terms of revenue, the ship repair side ing all engineering calculations, design of a specialized Services Agreement with with two 600 hp engines, having a top of ASRY’s business has been solid in analysis, inclining experiment upon Relay Engineering Limited, the special- speed of 10 knots and cargo deck ca- 2015, with almost identical revenues to completion to verify vessel reliability ist engineering company based in the pacity of 40 tons. ASRY created a New the same period in 2014, with the num- and reissue of new stability booklet. All UK, to offer its expertise in electrical, Construction & Engineering Division ber of ships showing a slight increase for this work was carried out in-house by the mechanical and constructive engineer- in 2014, which has increasingly been the same period last year. Up until the ASRY New Construction & Engineering ing directly to ASRY’s customers from a developing its portfolio of engineer- end of April, 65 ships were repaired at Division, which has been growing its en- dedicated service point in the yard. ing packages, and now signed this ? rst

ASRY, showing evidence that the com- gineering portfolio throughout 2015. A With Relay Engineering, the number newbuild deal. ASRY already has past mercial team have been able to compen- third interesting repair was a widening of of onsite specialist subcontractors now experience in the new construction sec- sate for lower budgets with larger num- a Derrick pipe-laying barge from 31.7 to numbers 35, with more due in 2015, tor having built a ? eet of four ASD tugs, ber of projects. These projects are split 40.3 m, by adding sponsons on the port making ASRY the most convenient hub power barge hulls, and a 35m Offshore between the Arab markets and Interna- and starboard side. The whole project – for maritime repairs. Support Vessel for Kuwait Oil Tanker tional markets in similar proportions to again completed entirely in-house – was Company.

Adding Newbuild Capacity

ASRY’s usual client mix, with the Arab completed in a 45-day time window, by The New Construction & engineering market being slightly dominant. pre-fabricating the sponsons before the Diversi? cation is another of ASRY’s division is able to attract these kind of

This solid performance has included vessel arrived. strategies that is paying dividends, with newbuild projects due to its advanced en- a variety of noteworthy projects in H1 the important new move by the yard to gineering capabilities such as its FARO

Project Jupiter that includes two of Kuwait Oil Tanker kickstart its newbuilding program. The 3D scanner, a team of hand-picked ex-

Company’s tankers – Wafrah and Al A probable cause for ASRY’s ability New Construction & Engineering divi- perts, and decades worth of combined

Jabriyah II – docking as part of the ex- to weather the ship repair market condi- sion recently signed a $2.8m agreement engineering expertise. 52 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • AUGUST 2015

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