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USS Jackson (LCS 6).

Austal delivers for USN ustal’s U.S. operation consists President Craig Perciavalle, “We’re of more than 4,000 employees pleased with how well our ships are per-

Asupporting the design, construc- forming once delivered, how well these tion and sustainment of two U.S. Navy programs are maturing, and how well programs, the 127-meter, trimaran Inde- our performance continues to improve pendence-variant Littoral Combat Ship ship to ship.” (LCS) and the 103-meter, catamaran Regarding the future outlook for Aus- high-speed troop and equipment trans- tal, Perciavalle said, “The Navy ship- port known as the Joint High Speed Ves- building plan has us delivering LCS’s sel (JHSV). Austal has block-buy con- into 2025. In addition we’re excited tracts in place for both programs totaling about the potential growth of the JHSV over $5 billion. In the past year, it has program given the feedback we’ve re-

Austal Photo/Phil Carter delivered the Jackson (LCS 6), USNS ceived from the ? eet so far and the fact

Fall River (JHSV 4) and USNS Trenton that two additional JHSVs have been livery, and post-delivery activities through of Labor Standards of Apprenticeship (JHSV 5). appropriated and about growing our sus- sail away. Austal plans to invest $73 mil- for the respective trades of pipe? tter,

Construction began on two LCS and tainment business to support our ships as lion into the VCY with much of that go- marine electrician, fabricator, and ? tout. two JHSV and Austal christened and they are delivered and enter the ? eet to ing back into the local economy. The ? rst The Alabama Department of Postsec- launched two ships from each program serve our country.” of three phases required to complete the ondary Education has approved Austal’s as well. Delivery for USNS Brunswick Austal’s latest facility expansion project project - 800 feet of berth with services - is four trade programs for the Department (JHSV 6) and the future USS Montgom- is its Vessel Completion Yard (VCY), a scheduled to be completed mid-2016. of Veterans Affairs which means that all ery (LCS 8) is scheduled for late 2015. 36-acre facility at the northern tip of Pinto This past spring, Austal honored 48 eligible veterans may receive GI Bill

Five of 10 JHSVs have been delivered Island on the eastern bank of the Mobile employees who graduated from our bene? ts earned during military service. and three more are currently under con- River. When fully constructed, the com- four-year employee apprenticeship pro- Austal is proud to say that the retention struction. Three of 12 LCS have been de- pletion yard will boast a protected 1,000 gram which is certi? ed by the U.S. De- numbers for these apprenticeship classes livered and six LCS, part of the 10-ship x 300 x 1,400-ft. u-shaped slip with four partment of Labor, Alabama Department were above regional averages for other block-buy contract, are under construc- wet berths, two on each side of the slip. of Postsecondary Education, and the apprenticeship programs in our area. A tion at Austal’s Mobile, Ala. manufac- The berths will provide services for the Alabama Department of Veterans Af- new class of 85 apprentices began their turing facility. According to Austal USA ships during completion, sea trials and de- fairs. It is governed by the Department four-year journey in June.

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Our ship design and integrated system solutions are results of targeted research and Our wide range of system solutions includes systems for subsea operations, safer development over many years. Our designs and solutions meet the challenging deck operations, propulsion and manoeuvring, stabilisation, dynamic positioning combination of high performance and flexibility, reduced fuel consumption and and automation and control. optimised life-cycle costs.

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