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INTERVIEW: JAPAN COAST GUARD (Continued from page 51)

Japan these examples show, the East China Sea is still in a dif-

Looking at your responsibilities, do

At a Glance ? cult situation. Determined to defend Japan’s territory you have one that stands out?

The JCG is much like a jack-of-all-trade at sea, as we and territorial waters by all means, however, all JCG

Japan Coast Guard are in charge of sea-related administration in general. It of? cers continue to keep their missions in accordance with the law calmly and ? rmly to keep the situation is necessary to deal precisely with the needs of the gen-

The JCG has its Headquarters in Tokyo and performs eral public. To this end, we need to ful? ll our potential from becoming worse. coast guard operations, dividing Japan into 11 re-

We are scheduled to complete a ? eet dedicated for synergistically. I believe that it is important to make the gions. Each of the 11 regions is governed by a Re- guarding the sea around the Senkaku Islands by the end

Guard & Rescue, Maritime Traf? c and Hydrographic & gional Coast Guard Headquarters. Under the Region- of ? scal 2015 (April 2015-March 2016), consisting of

Oceanographic departments work hand in hand organi- al Coast Guard Headquarters, there are Coast Guard 10 large (1,000-ton) patrol vessels and two patrol ves- cally with support from the Administration and Equip-

Of? ces, Coast Guard Air Stations, Coast Guard Sta- sels with helicopters, which will be equivalent to a ? eet tions, Traf? c Advisory Service Centers, Air Stations, ment & Technology departments. of 14 large patrol vessels. (Note: By adopting a multi-

Hydrographic Observatories and other units. ple-crew system, the JCG will secure operation rates for

What are the greatest challenges

Number of ships in the JCG: 455 12 vessels with the 10.) faced today by the JCG?

We will enlarge the ? eet of patrol vessels with en-

Organizing a maritime security system seamlessly • Patrol ships: 128 across the nation, which will also cover the waters hanced crackdown capabilities to handle overseas ? sh- • Patrol boats: 238 ing boats. We will also launch the Tanegashima coast around the Senkaku Islands, is one. • Special guard and rescue boats: 63

Around the Senkaku Islands, of? cial vessels from guard station and the Miyakojima Coast Guard Of? ce, • Hydrographic survey vessels: 13

China have repeatedly intruded into Japanese territorial which will be upgraded from a coast guard station, and • Lighthouse service boats: 10 waters. They also continue to hold demonstrations by enlarge the Ogawasawa stations. • Training vessels: 3 sailing around in contiguous zones. In addition, it is in-

Twenty years from now, what is the tensifying oceanographic research activities with dedi-

Number of JCG personnel: 13,422

JCG ? eet going to look like?

cated vessels without obtaining consent from Japan. As 58 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • MARCH 2016

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