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Green Marine Technology

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The JCG will improve the formation of the coast cordance with fundamental rules, such as securing the

Looking at your career, is there a guard duties that will be able to deal with problems freedom of aviation and navigation, ensuring safety for most in? uential or de? ning moment?

faster and more accurately by replacing existing patrol them and respecting the rule of law, including peace-

It is dif? cult to pick up one because I have experi- vessels systematically with those with greater speci? - ful dispute settlements based on international law. It is enced a wide variety of assignments since I joined the cations. very meaningful for the JCG, a law-enforcement body, JCG. However, the most impressive duty performed re- to contribute to his idea. cently was when I was allowed to give support to Em-

Historically whare are the greatest The JCG, which was established as a law-enforcement peror Akihito’s and Empress Michiko’s visit to Palau agency in Japan ahead of other countries and regions and the Philippines to console the souls of those who successes of the JCG?

As I said earlier, the JCG was in? uenced by the in Asia, has since 1969 been providing technical coop- had died in World War II and pray for peace.

USCG when it was set up. While the USCG maintains eration to help them strengthen their maritime-law en- military capabilities, however, we have none. It may forcement capabilities and for other purposes. In 2015,

Looking at the JCG of 1996 and have been attributed to situations in those days, but I we launched the Maritime Safety and Security Policy the JCG of today, how is it most the feel today that there is signi? cant value in that the JCG Program, which is a Master’s program in the ? eld of same? How is it most different?

is just a law-enforcement agency. maritime security and the ? rst such course in the world.

Ensuring safety and security at sea, which is the

Today in Asia, the effectiveness of maritime law en- With the program, we have also been offering academic

JCG’s mission, has always been the backbone of our forcement is acknowledged as the third most powerful support so that coast guard of? cers in other Asian na- activities. At the same time, our stance of ful? lling du- instrument to resolve disputes, following diplomacy tions can study international law and other subjects. As ties side by side with local citizens has also remained and military actions. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe insists a law-enforcement entity, we contribute to maintaining unchanged. In contrast, circumstances surrounding the on maintaining and developing “open and stable seas” and fostering public order at sea in Asia. I feel that we JCG have changed drastically over the last 20 years. As not by exercising power, but by keeping order in ac- are valuable in this sense as well. such, we need to deal ? rmly with such changes. 59

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