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Green Marine Technology

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Aahhhh, the power of Marketing….. BIG DATA! So, before this word was invented we were dealing with what, Small

Data? No Data? Data has been invented now? The reality is that people need some sort of new messianic word to do the same things that other, more intelligent people had been do- ing for a long time.” “

Giampiero Soncini, SpecTec ” multiple usages. More holistic approach companies do not use any kind of cor- always concentrating on how to make try. When I say “BIG DATA”, what does optimization routines such as connecting porate high level ERP solutions, which more money (especially in a depressed it mean to you, and what does it mean the trim optimization with optimal ma- is amazing; or if they decide to invest in market), they will understand why some to the development and positioning of chinery component utilization. IT, they expect to do it with minor ef- shipping companies fail while others still your product suite in this market?

Soncini The shipping industry fort. This opens the door to enormous make money even in a depressed market. Soncini Aahhhh, the power of has always been stubbornly reluctant wastes due to disinterest, inef? ciency, Marketing….. Big Data! So, before this towards IT. After 30 years since AMOS neglect, pilferage, plain thefts. If ship- word was invented we were dealing with came to life, Information Technology owners could stop a minute and under- what, Small Data? No Data? Data has

BIG DATA: Many of our discussions to- day center on “BIG DATA” and its trans- solutions are still not considered as stra- stand how much money they waste be- been invented now? The reality is that formative effects on the marine indus- tegic Fleet Management solutions; many cause they neglect their costs, instead on people need some sort of new messianic

Wall Tracking

Fillet Welder

K-BUG 4000 1-800-245-3186 • Versatile Travel Speeds (0.3 - 77 ipm) • 66 lb. Magnet Pull for Secure Mounting • Shipyard & Heavy Industry Proven • Continuous & Stitch Welding • Stop Sensor - detects end of workpiece 63

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