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Green Marine Technology

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There are a number of drivers for evolution of the software side of the marine business. The amount of information that needs to be managed has increased signi? cantly, presenting an increased burden to the operators that need to be managed ef? ciently. The burden comes from increased regulations, re- porting requirements and requirements for documentation.

Hendrik Bruhns , Herbert-ABS Software Solutions

Containership in Distress utilizing HECSALV ” word to do the same things that other, d deluge of new regulations is dictating more intelligent people had been doing w what ships can and cannot emit into for a long time. SpecTec started dealing t the environment. How has the push to with BIG DATA since its creation, 1985. ‘‘clean up’ shipping materially impact-

We started to build great databases then, e ed your business?

inserting in AMOS all the maintenance instructions, all the technical data, all SSchwarz Environmental issues the spares, so that staff on board could a are driving the need to develop better make use of AMOS in the best possible c compliance software solutions that en- way. AMOS became the center of all a able owners and operators to demon- technical activities of a Fleet. AMOS s strate compliance more effectively. NS has always had the tools to manage w works closely with ABS to ensure that and analyzes “Big Data.” But a lot of t the software supports the most current people thought that spending $30,000 r regulations. This has a direct impact on for a $100 million vessel, to have the t the user experience. We are constantly right data in AMOS, was far too much. w working to improve our user interfaces

After all competition was selling “skel- a and are implementing a number of tools eton Databases” for only $2000! So why t to better facilitate the activities that sup- spend $30,000 or $40,000? There is no p port compliance. Our goal is to take the right software without right data, actual- pain away from compliance for our cus- the ABS Operational and Environmental correct inputs.

ly I keep saying to all my customers that tomers. We are developing a number of software should be free of charge but Performance (OEP) group, are leaders in providing tools to manage and collect Bruhns More and more data is speci? c compliance solutions targeted data should be mega expensive, because by market segment to do this. We rolled the data required to take decisions that being made available through monitor- you manage a vessel with data, not with out a Subchapter M solution in late 2015 make Vessels more competitive - cover- ing equipment and reporting capabili- software. Anyway, let us applaud to this and will be rolling out a number of blue ing all aspects of ef? ciency and perfor- word: Big, Medium or Small, it doesn’t ties. As data continues to rapidly grow, water compliance applications in 2016 mance. so do expectations on how to analyze it matter: Data is the right word. But once faster. Multi-objective optimization of and 2017, including MRV and IHM. you have the right Data, you don’t only

Haarvei Our strategic approach to load planning, voyages, the loading and need the right software to analyze it, you Bruhns There is generally a need

Big Data and Business Intelligence is unloading operations for increased ef? - need people to understand it. And this, is for software solutions to consider the that we allow TM Master V2 to be in- ciency have become the norm. Software the most dif? cult part. tegrated, through data interfaces, with solutions need to interface with other regulations and environmental needs when planning any operations. Ships are

Schwarz To NS, “Big Data” means any other solution in the market. It is up system to allow for multiple usage of designed and loaded to minimize the en- managing many points of time series to our clients to decide how they want available data and to minimize data in- vironmental footprint. data and using techniques to correlate to use the large amounts of critical data put. gathered in TM Master V2. We have the data leading to understanding param- many tools for extracting and analysing eters that effect vessel performance and

Every business has its challenges. this data, but more importantly, we have

The Environment: Similarly, many of What do you consider to be your com- operations. One of the biggest opportu- tailored tools for cleaning the data and our discussions center on environmen- nities for big data is in the area of vessel pany’s biggest challenge to being ef? - tal matters, more speci? cally how a cient and pro? table in this sector, short and ? eet performance. NS, along with ensuring that the end report is based on 64 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • MARCH 2016

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