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Green Marine Technology

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with other shipboard systems but provides a DC output which can be connected to a DC load or via an inverter

MAGS to an AC load.

Terragon’s Micro Auto Gasi? cation System

Aquarius MAS + Solar includes all the elements of (MAGS) is a simple and compact appliance for the Aquarius Marine Solar Power solution plus addi- the conversion of shipboard garbage and sludge tional hardware and interfaces to fuel ? ow meters, GPS oils into energy. MAGS uses Terragon’s patented and other equipment on a ship. This allows the system

Auto Gasi? cation process to break down waste, to record fuel consumption, calculate emissions and and reduce its volume by over 95%. The system monitor main engine revolutions, generator output and produces its own fuel, outputs approximately 110 a range of other equipment. It can also be expanded to kW of thermal energy while using only 22 kW, and include KEI 3240 Data Logger functions. An Aquarius has extremely clean emissions, meeting the most

Marine Solar Power or Aquarius MAS + Solar package stringent regulations worldwide. MAGS has the is suitable for new-building projects and can also be operational, environmental, and most importantly, retro? tted to existing vessels.

economical bene? ts ship-owners and operators

BioCorr Receives EU Trademark

In cooperation with strategic and technical partners, demand in today’s challenging market conditions.

Cortec Corporation said that its biobased and biode-

Eco Marine Power also offers a range of marine solar

Reduce your costs from shore disposal and tradi- gradable rust preventative, BioCorr, received registered power products and services for ships and marine use tional shipboard incinerators.

trademark approval from EU’s Of? ce of Harmoniza- including: tion. BioCorr is a water-based, ready-to-use formula- • Flexible marine grade solar panels designed tion intended for preservation of metals in storage and for use on ships and other vessels. during transportation. This innovative solution is for- • Solar Panel & Frame for Ship Use mulated with renewable raw materials and contains • Marine Solar Panel and Frame 64% biobased content. It provides multi-metal corro-

Eco Marine Power along with KEI System, The Fu- rukawa Battery Company and Teramoto Iron Works sion protection by combining ? lm-forming additives will exhibit the complete range of marine solar power with Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCIs). solutions and products at Sea Japan 2016 in Tokyo

This ready-to-use formulation can provide protection in April.

for up to two years of indoor storage or during ship- ments. Water-based BioCorr leaves a dry ? lm on the surface of the metal that is virtually undetectable. This feature helps to create a clean workplace and prevent material waste. BioCorr does not contain any chlori- nated compounds, chromates or nitrites.

Marine Solar Power Product Range

Eco Marine Power (EMP) ? nalized its range of marine solar power solutions and related products. The solu- tions include Aquarius Marine Solar Power and Aquar- ius MAS + Solar in addition to standalone products such as class-approved marine batteries and marine solar panel frame kits. These products and solutions are suitable for use on ships, offshore platforms and coastal applications.

A marine solar power solution from EMP is an inte- grated class-accepted system that may include a marine computer, battery chargers, batteries, marine-grade so- lar panels plus interfaces to other equipment and sen- sors. Each solution can be designed and scaled to suit a wide variety of ships including passenger ferries, cruise ships, tankers, bulk ore carriers and offshore support vessels. Aquarius Marine Solar Power is basically a stand-alone solar power system which is not integrated 79

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