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Kidde Fire Systems Introduces New Monitors

Kidde Fire Systems launched a new control head seamless installation on new Kidde ? re suppression monitor (CHM) for electric actuators and solenoid systems, existing Kidde systems can easily be retro- monitors for directional valves. The new CHM is ? tted for use with the new CHM. There is no need to fully compliant with the National Fire Protection switch out the existing electric actuator on discharge

Association (NFPA) 2001-2012 Standard on Clean control heads and the CHM comes standard with an

Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems and is designed explosion-proof rating. With many clean agent sys- gas systems can also be retro? tted to work with the for simple installation on existing Kidde systems. tems already installed, Kidde Fire Systems’ channel

Kidde Fire Systems is a part of UTC Climate, Con- partners have a signi? cant opportunity to help safe- new supervisory monitor system. The directional trols & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. guard current and previous customer’s installations. valve solenoid monitor for chemical clean agents is available in an explosion-proof model.

Electric actuators are commonly used as activating Kidde Fire Systems has taken the same approach devices for the release of a ? re suppression agent in with the directional valves for chemical clean agents The Kidde CHM for electric actuators and direc- the event of a ? re and the NFPA requires these devic- and inert gas systems. The directional valves are tional valve solenoid monitors have Underwriters es to be in place and ready to activate. If they are not now sold with a supervisory monitor system directly Laboratory listing and Factory Mutual approval and in place, the CHM will send a signal to the control mounted to the valve. are now available for shipment. www.kidde? panel warning of system impairment. In addition to Existing Kidde Fire Systems clean agent and inert

Water Cannon Pressure Washer Optimarin on America’s Finest

Leakages of lubricating Optimarin landed oil, exhaust gases and fuel its ? rst contract oil pose a threat for a ? re in the ? shing seg- aboard a ship. Take care ment as it was when inspecting the ship contracted to sup- generator room, in particu- ply its Optimarin lar, any high-pressure fuel pipes. Oil leaking from Ballast System (OBS) for the Skipsteknisk-designed these pipes can drip directly onto hot parts, which America’s Finest. Seattle-based Fisherman’s Finest

FURUNO at Sea Japan can quickly ignite. For the ultimate in electric pow- will own and operate the 80-m stern trawler, which

Furuno supports safe and ef? cient voyages with its ered high pressure washing products this industrial is being built at Dakota Creek Industries. America’s navigation and communication equipment. This indoor-safe water blaster is both portable and built Finest, a ST-116XL design, has been hailed as Skip- year at SEA JAPAN, Furuno will show its ECDIS for around the clock applications. The 15M71 boasts steknisk’s most environmentally friendly vessel. It

FMD-3x00 and radar FAR-3000 with MFD capa- 20 hp, 460 volt 3 phase heavy duty motor with Auto combines a DNV GL classed +1A1 Ice 1B hull, re- bility. The ECDIS and radar will be presented with

Start/stop feature that powers a TSP Series General ducing resistance in both ice and the open water, the new 27-inch wide monitors MU-270W. It will

Triplex Plunger Pump - 4.5GPM - 6000PSI using with the ability to tow, process and freeze its white- also show its new products: The 15-inch IMO ra- the long lasting Poly Chain Drive system. and ground ? sh catch at sea. dar FAR-15x8 and the AIS FA-170. It will also in- troduce its latest radar technologies, including ice detection radar, FICE-100, which is suitable for use onboard vessels operating the Northern Sea routes.

Another introduction will be a wave detection radar, supporting fuel-saving voyage optimization.

LNG as Marine Fuel

LNG Bunkering in Jacksonville

Furuno representatives will also provide latest in-

Qatar and Royal Dutch Shell agreed to develop liq- formation on Inmarsat Global Xpress, taking into ue? ed natural gas (LNG) as a marine fuel for use

Earlier this year TOTE Mari- account the best proposal for your vessels. FURU- by A.P. Moller-Maersk. Qatargas, the world’s larg- time Puerto Rico successfully

NO will be exhibiting the following equipment at est LNG producer, said the three companies signed loaded LNG bunkers aboard

Sea Japan: a MOU which sees Qatargas 4, a joint venture be- the world’s ? rst LNG pow- • ECDIS, FMD-3300 with MU-270W tween Qatar Petroleum and Shell, producing the fuel ered containership, MV Isla Bella. Approximately • Radar, FAR-3000 with MU-270W for use by Maersk Line. While the push for LNG 100,000 LNG gallons transported by 12 TOTE-

The ECDIS, FMD-3300, and radar, FAR-3000, will has recently been stunted with the precipitous drop owned LNG ISO containers were loaded on sched- be displayed as a FURUNO bridge system with the in global oil pricing, making the conversion to LNG ule. The bunkering was conducted under US Coast latest multi-function-display software installed.

from traditional heavy fuels less cost-effective,

Guard oversight while Isla Bella was also undergo- • Radar, FAR-15x8 with MU-150HD long-term prospects for LNG in the maritime mar- ing cargo operations. The LNG was transferred from • Ice radar, FICE-100 ket is good because it more easily meets current and the ISO tank containers using a specially developed • AIS, FA-170 proposed emission rules. DNV GL recently found transfer skid developed by TOTE’s partner Applied • Satellite speed log, GS-100 that 63 LNG-fueled vessels were already operating

Cryogenics Technologies (ACT) of Houston, Tex- • Navigational echo sounder, FE-800 globally with another 76 LNG-fueled ships being as. The transfer skid is designed to allow four ISO • Satellite Communication Services.

built. Maersk has approximately 600 ships operat- tanks to be transferred to Isla Bella at once, dramati- ing, including some of the biggest in the world.

cally reducing transfer time.

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