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Illustration: courtesy Skipsteknisk


Skipsteknisk’s ST-155L (above) and ST-116XL. for HAVFISK (ordered between 2011 to 2016) and the 2015 order of a Rolls-

Royce design for an “undisclosed Cana- dian client” (delivery late 2016). Then came a Seacon gill netter design for

Breivik of Norway (2016). Canadians (take it from this one) are fond of those.

In a letter to us, VARD admits “There are no U.S. orders so far,” but hope lies in its recently embarked-upon diversi? ca- tion strategy (away from OSVs). “VARD has repositioned one yard, Vard Aukra, as supplier to the aquaculture industry … (live ? sh carriers, ? sh feed carriers and) VARD will continue to offer ? shing vessels such as factory trawlers and artic trawlers, as we see healthy demand.”

Rolls-Royce Design & Equipment for Spanish Trawler

American Builds

U.S. vessel demand could be greater, but rules, species trouble and a rebound-

Norway’s has announced a contract for one ? shing stern trawler to be designed and equipped by Rolls-Royce. The ? shing ing South American ? shery have had vessel has been ordered by the Spanish company Pesquera Ancora S.L.U. The vessel is of NVC 374 WP design by Rolls- more than a psychological grip both po-

Royce and is scheduled to be delivered from Kleven’s Myklebust yard in the ? rst quarter of 2018. This is the fourth contract tential owners and regulators. for the same Rolls-Royce design to be built by Kleven.

New Coast Guard (and coming Cana-

The vessel will be 80m long, with a hull of ICE 1A* class, and ? tted with a wide range of Rolls-Royce equipment, includ- dian) MARPOL Annex VI emissions- ing main engine, auxiliary engine, HSG propulsion system, automation, winches and the fuel ef? cient Wave Piercing design. control-areas rules mean “voluntary”

Operational ef? ciency, low emissions, crew comfort, safety and excellent seakeeping capabilities were the main consider- fuel sampling from 2016. For many, it’s ations in the development of the ship design and equipment package. Since the early 1970s Rolls-Royce has designed about a ? rst step toward Europe-style manda- 130 vessels of NVC design for the ? shing industry. The current Rolls-Royce orderbook in this market now comprise seven tory performance testing. trawlers and two live ? sh carriers.

The reeling stocks include shrimp off 44 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • APRIL 2016

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