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Distant relatives:

Skipsteknisk ? sheries research design, the


Illustration: courtesy Skipsteknisk the eastern seaboard from Maine to the ager working on RIB boats at an af? liate

Gulf of Mexico, where the GOM Fish- yard tells us that area tuna boat owners ery Management Council continues to “extend their boats here”. ? ght near-shore long-lining to stop a ASMAR commercial manager, Joa- large bycatch of threatened species. Yet, quin Varela Jenshke, says new ? sheries unlike the agonizing, permanent col- orders have sparked a comeback that lapse of Eastern Canadian cod stocks, started with the AGS 61 Oceanographic

U.S. scientists have successfully revived and Fisheries Research Vessel designed

Washington pink shrimp, say the Marine by, you guessed it, Skipsteknisk (as

Stewardship Council and Oregon-based was a research vessel built in Bergen,

Paci? c Seafood say. Scientists are at- Norway; one being built at Vancouver, tempting the same operation off Maine. Canada and another for the Swedes). A

Paci? c Seafood and its peers are already 2008 (design and construct) contract be- delighted with the Oregon pink shrimp tween ASMAR and Santiago produced ? shery, and it bodes well for vessel de- the commission but delivery time in mand, even in a U.S. market pressed by 2010 was extended “because of the huge imports. To stimulate renewal, the Ship- damages suffered by our shipyard in builders Council of America has a small February 2010,” Jenshke said, “Launch shipyard assistance program, or SSAP, day coincided with the earthquake and of grant-giving for “quality” vessel con- tsunami.” Since then, ASMAR has sub- struction. Some $160 million was dis- contracted to build the hull and super- persed between 2007 and 2012. There’s structure of a wellboat and has retro? tted also the Title XI loan-guarantee program or repaired 109 ? shing vessels (between for yards and operators to consider. 2014 and 2015) at its Talcachuano Ship- yard and 25 at Puna Arenas. That’s a lot of tuna long liners and seiners! In 2016,

Detritus Cleared

After the devastating earthquake and ASMAR expects to sign a design con- tsunami of 2010, ASMAR shipyard of tract with the Chilean government for a

Chile brushed away the detritus to re- costal ? sheries vessel, although the basic vive a famous yard via a stalled ? sheries design could well come from “a compa- research vessel project. A shipyard man- ny with a proven design,” Jenshke said. 45

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