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larger than a two-car garage, was to barge-to-barge moorings today are typi- Samson’s AmSteel-Blue, made with size, is the same strength as steel—but manufacture barge wires for a few area cally wire. Barge to pushboat connec- Dyneema ? ber, is a torque-free 12-strand it’s so light, it ? oats. According to Ed- towboat companies in the immediate tions, on the other hand, have evolved to single braid that yields the maximum in wards, AmSteel-Blue is an excellent vicinity of Paducah, Kentucky. Today, rope and synthetics. strength-to-weight ratio and, size-for- wire rope replacement with extremely

Kentucky is still HQ, but the full service rigging company now has three addi- tional branches in Louisiana, Mississippi

Visit Us and Illinois.

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With expanded geographic coverage

Booth 1917 comes additional service of a wide range

ATERIAL ANDLING AT ITS EST H M M H B B ! !ATERIAL ANDLING AT ITS EST of inland towing needs, with a growing

When your products are handled in adverse conditions portfolio of equipment, lines and ropes. then Sellick has a forklift for you. Built to meet the heavy demands of North American industries, Sellick’s

Along with a full-line of fabricated wire 45 years of manufacturing experience rope slings, chain slings, nylon slings, provides designs to enhance tie downs, barge and winch wires, crane pro?tability, productivity, wires with ? ttings, logging chokers, and and safety. These include many other related products Paducah hydraulic fork movement,

Rigging also stocks and sells Samson a variety of fork lengths ropes. and attachments, solid and

According to Paducah Rigging Presi- pneumatic tires, air conditioned dent Alex Edwards, the U.S. inland riv- cabs, and a wide range of lift heights with capacities from 5,000 to 16,000lbs. ers began to transition from primarily

Sellick products are supported by using wires in the late 1980’s to early a nationwide dealer network 1990’s. Amsteel-Blue – a Samson syn- providing superior support for thetic product – then took good hold parts and service needs. with decent market penetration in the

Call toll-free or e-mail mid-1990’s. In general, on the water, us today for complete information.

Paducah Rigging has had good suc- 1-877-SELLICK (735-5425) cess introducing Samson’s orange and blue lines into the inland water- ways market.

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