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New Product 3Si’s Constant Wear Lifejacket

Safety and Survival Systems

International’s streamlined

The Robotic Fireman new lifejacket, the Ocean

Safety Constant Wear, is

Uni? re AB developed a fully automatic ? re de- designed for working seafar- tection and extinguishing robot – FlameRanger – ers. The unique shape of the that the company claims is like having a ? re? ghter

Constant Wear is extremely on watch 24/7/365. Uni? re combined its ? re? ght- comfortable and sculpted to ing robotic nozzles with its PLC and software so ? t the body for uninhibited that they can take in signals from, and send com- upper body movement. It mands to, a virtually unlimited variety of electron- comes in three variations; ic devices – from sensors & detectors to cameras wipe-clean, nylon and PVC. and infrared cameras, to video displays, to valves

Its robust characteristics & actuators, lights, computers, tablets, phones, etc.

minimize wear and tear dur-

By combining the robotic nozzles with advanced ing demanding conditions ? ame detectors, the system is able to detect a ? re

Image: Uni? re met by offshore and wind- within seconds and begin suppressing the ? re di- farm personnel. rectly at its source. The technology can be used for trolled remotely over a secure network by desktop a wide variety of ? re? ghting applications, such as computer, or even mobile devices. It can imme- to protect tunnels, oil & gas facilities, large stor- diately alert of? cials of the exact location of the 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid age areas on naval vessels, yachts and ships, ware- ? re, allowing them to evacuate the building, call houses and manufacturing facilities, and aircraft responders to the scene, and even allow ? re? ghters hangars, to name a few.

to take over manual operation by remote control.

Moreover, the system can be monitored and con-

Novec’s 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is an advanced halon and CO2 replacement, offering a number of advantages over other clean agents and CO2 in marine applications.

Based on 3M proprietary chemistry, its low acute toxic- ity, combined with high extinguishing ef? ciency, gives

Novec 1230 ? uid a wide safety margin – even at rela- tively high extinguishing concentrations, making it ideal for occupied spaces, including engine and pump rooms.

Trelleborg Materials

Trelleborg’s newest offerings include Vikotherm, made from non-syntactic silicone and can be cured at room temperature without exposure to air, making it resistant to cracking and shrinking. Vikotherm R2 offers improved elasticity, as well as enhanced process and manufactur- ing ? exibility. Using Trelleborg’s Mobile Production

Unit (MPU), the system can be applied on site, anywhere around the world. 55

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