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Scania: Powering Ahead in Maritime he Scania name is ubiquitous in transport “The marine is a market that is doing fairly well for sectors globally, as would be expected for a us at the moment,” said Lindner. “It is certainly not

Scania N. America is ? nding company celebrating its 125th anniversary great across the board, but there are so many niches

Tthis year. But in the North American marine within the marine market, and so many segments for success in the North Ameri- sector it is still making headway among vessel owners us to grow in.” that have built their ? eets and businesses around other Lindner and his team have seen the offshore oil and can domestic maritime mar- brands. But being the newer player in a large market gas business essentially disappear, yet it touts growth ket. Mikael Lindner, Presi- could be considered advantageous in today’s tighten- in a variety of market sectors, particularly one. “We ing maritime sector, as Scania is determined to grow have had successes in several segments. The inland dent, explains the strategy.

its market share with a growing family of power prod- waterways market remains a long-term, interesting ucts that offer excellent power-to-weight ratios and market in terms of repowers.” reliability, backed by a global engineering and manu- Alberto Alcala, Sales Manager – Marine Products,

By Greg Trauthwein facturing goliath. expands on Lindner’s sentiment. “What we are see-

Scania 16 liter engine 1902 1923 1918 1936 1949

Scania-Valbis launches its ? rst Scania-Vabis designer

An order is received for 18 marine Scania-Vabis develops its Thanks to a partnership marine engine with up to 4 August Nilsson develops engines to power nine Swedish ? rst diesel engine, some- with Leyland, Scania cylinders and 6 to 24 hp. a fourcylinder, overhead- customs patrol boats, 6-cyl. models thing that impresses the introduces its ? rst direct- valve engine. The developed from 4-cyl. truck engines trade press during test injection engine, sold in engine’s power and drives. “To my surprise, 4- and 6-cyl. versions reliability are of major

I could hardly hear the bene? t in trucks and engine,” wrote one buses.

journalist. “However, I certainly felt its effect as the bus shot forward like an arrow.”

All images courtesy Scania.

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