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espite dif? cult setbacks, in- both World Wars. T&T Subsea was se- permanent repairs. Based on T&T Sub- the historic fabric of the ship.” cluding Hurricane Carla that lected by the State of Texas to salvage, sea’s performance, the Texas Parks and destroyed his shipyard, Rudy repair and maintain the historic battle- Wildlife Commission awarded T&T a

Dalways came back with more ship and, on Veteran’s Day, T&T Subsea commendation that stated the company determination and a keen eye toward divers quickly and effectively patched “provided a rapid and skilled response About the Author seizing new opportunities. For example, the ship’s fragile hull to allow dewa- involving specialized equipment and Jim Elliott is Vice President, in the wake of Exxon Valdez, he founded tering operations and then completed staff that were invaluable in preserving T&T Marine Salvage, Inc.

his own oil spill removal company, and as the U.S. developed salvage regula- tions, he positioned his company to be one of the ? rst salvage companies that could meet these stringent rules. To ac- complish this, he invested tens of mil- lions of dollars in pre-positioned sal- vage, marine ? re? ghting and oil spill response equipment and recruited highly trained personnel. Never afraid to make a decision during time-critical opera- tions, as Deepwater Horizon sank and the Macondo well continued to release oil, Rudy contracted the world’s largest 144-CAR FERRY 400 PASSENGER FERRY aircraft to carry needed oil spill recovery equipment from Europe.

Rudy was known for wearing his blue work coveralls just about every day, of- ten even at “coat and tie” meetings. Ev-

QUALITY FERRIES eryone knew his priority was successful- ly getting the project completed as soon

FROM THE VIGOR TEAM as possible and that – in his coveralls – he was always ready to immediately get back to the real work at hand. While he often advised Admirals and Senators, he was most at home on the deck of the der- rick barge “BIG T” that he built working side-by-side with his crew or in his fab- rication shop designing a new piece of equipment well before daybreak.

As a testament to his vision, leader- ship and determination, his “Teichman

Group” of companies continues to ex- pand around the world with of? ces in

Europe – including Germany where he served in the Army – and in Asia and

South America. The company’s list of marine services also continues to ex- pand. Today, T&T conducts large-scale commercial salvage and wreck removal projects, heavy lift, towing, offshore supply, diving, hydrographic survey and manage one of the largest oil spill coop- eratives in the US. While the company he founded continues to expand world- wide, T&T remains a family-owned

ALASKA DAY BOAT business that retains Rudy’s core values of honesty, integrity and hard work as its foundation.

T&T Subsea: A Veteran’s Day Mission

On Veteran’s Day 2016, T&T Subsea

Aluminum, steel, small, divers worked to help save the Battle- medium or large the ship Texas, the over 100-year-old U.S. naval vessel and historic landmark ship

Kvichak/Vigor team is VIGOR.NET MARINESALES@VIGOR.NET of Texas launched in 1912 that fought in ready to build it for you.

Photos: Rudy Teichman Army Photo;

Inset: Rudy Teichman on the deck of his crane barge. 15

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