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Hornblower #2, fully welded and entering ? nal assembly at Metal Shark Marine in mid-December 2016.

Citywide Ferry by Hornblower takes center stage in (Photo: Metal Shark Marine)

A New York Minute A New York Minute ornblower has, in the • Speed: The contract was announced in 2017. To date Clark manages a team

The construction of up to span of 36 years, be- in March 2016, construction on the fer- of about 26 at a shared workspace on come the force in the ries started in July 2016, and ferry opera- Wall Street in Manhattan, a prime loca- 20 new ferries for New

U.S. ferry market, tions – speci? cally the ? rst three of six tion with a nice view of a Hornblower

York City is arguably the with more than 2,000 routes total – will start in the Summer of terminal. “Hornblower corporate is help- employees and 20 mil- 2017; ing from a strategic standpoint on the

H most exciting maritime lion passenger trips annually, including a • Size: The new service will include marketing; and (the employees of ) City- cumulative staff of 700 in the New York up to 20 boats serving six routes with 21 wide Ferry by Hornblower are going to new construction project

City area. Most recently Hornblower landings, covering more than 60 miles, wake up every day with people thinking, in the U.S. this year. Last struck a deal with the City of New York projected to carry 4.6 million passenger living and breathing Citywide Ferry,” to build and manage a ? eet of up to 20 trips per year. said Clark.

month we visited with new ferries serving six routes connect- • Collaboration: Two shipyards,

Cameron Clark Takes the Helm ing the city’s ? ve boroughs, estimated to Horizon Shipbuilding and Metal Shark,

Cameron Clark, Corpo-

Cameron Clark is a graduate of the generate 4.6 million passenger trips per were jointly contracted to build the In- rate Vice President, De- annum. While the creation of Citywide cat Crowther designed boats. It is rare in California Maritime Academy with more

Ferry by Hornblower is impressive and U.S. circles for shipyards to collaborate than 14 years of experience with Horn- velopment and Special generating considerable buzz in U.S. in such a manner, sharing production blower. He started with Hornblower, maritime circles, it is the proverbial tip and scheduling information, but as Clark while in college, working part time on

Projects, Hornblower, of the iceberg according to Clark. He explained, it was necessary to win this the San Francisco Belle. Four years ago the project manager for views the concept as applicable to many contract. In total more than 20 shipyards Hornblower saw New York as an emerg- ing market for its cruise, excursion, locales with the need for water trans- expressed interest in the project; 12 re- the new Citywide Ferry port. “We are aiming to show not only ceived bid packages; 10 returned bids event and site-seeing brands, so Clark accepted the challenge and switched the industry but other municipalities that and two were awarded newbuild con- by Hornblower ? eet, coasts, eventually selected to lead one

Hornblower can provide a turnkey solu- tracts; who discussed the chal- of the most exciting ferry projects in the tion,” said Clark. “To design, build and • Staf? ng: In step with the Horn-

United States in a generation.

? nance” a ? eet of ferries, a turnkey solu- blower way, Citywide Ferry by Horn- lenges and opportunities

Clark is humble in approach, and he is tion in rapid fashion. blower is an af? liated company that

The Citywide Ferry by Hornblower started at zero and will have a staff of quick to credit his team … both Horn- ahead.

project is impressive for many reasons, 150 plus … including more than 100 blower corporate and direct Citywide

By Greg Trauthwein including: mariners … by the time operations start Ferry employees … as essential to im- 30 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • JANUARY 2017

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