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(Photo: Hornblower)

Cameron Clark, Corporate VP, Development and Special Projects, Hornblower mediate and long-term success. In ex-

Building the Boats plaining the multiple layers that make With a budget of $80 million for the up Hornblower, he said “These are a boats and a mandate to deliver up to 20 series of companies and business units ferries in less than two years, from the

S G BHAFT ROUNDING RUSHES that operate independently, with com- outset the project required an innovative mon ownership. We come together mindset. Perhaps nothing better embod-

Are stray electrical currents destroying your when we need to work together. For ex- ies this than the decision to employ two ample at Citywide Ferry, HMS Consult- shipyards to construct the new ? eet. bearings and seals?

ing is helping us in a program manage- The tight timeline to deliver ferry ser- ?S ELF CLEANING ment capacity with the shipyards. HMS vice to the ? ve boroughs of New York ? PERATE DRY OR IN OIL


Ferries is supporting the transition of was the primary driver for the selection ? OLD SILVER BRISTLES

G /

East River Ferry.” of two shipyards to ful? ll the contract.


Similarly, Clark is open to looking The contract was announced in March

C ? AN BE SERVICED DURING OPERATION outside of the maritime box when se- 2016, vessel construction commenc-


AN ALSO TRANSMIT INSTRUMENT SIGNALS FROM ROTOR WITHOUT lecting the best talent for the project, ing in July 2016, and ? rst ferry service ?

SPECIAL SLIPRINGS noting that the new company’s ‘head of scheduled to begin in the summer of customer success’ came from JetBlue. 2017. “Passengers – no matter where the “No single shipyard would agree to ferry is going – have expectations,” said build 19 boats in such a short time-

Clark. Getting passengers from ‘point frame, so we decided to break it up to be

A to point B’ safely and on time is the in more than one shipyard,” said Sarah base expectation; performing safe and McDonald, Special Projects Coordina- reliable transportation with clean boats tor- Citywide Ferry Service, “but we and a friendly attitude is the Hornblower also wanted to minimize the total num- way. “We can be safe, reliable, on time ber of shipyards, because the objective in a hospitable manner; and, oh, the ride is to have 19 exact vessels across the

SOHRE TURBOMACHINERY ® is only $2.75 (on the new ferry service). ? eet.”

This is the attitude and approach that we This type of collaboration is far from :::62+5(785%2&20?,1)2#62+5(785%2&20 apply to any of our businesses across the common, particularly in the U.S. boat- 3+?0216210$66$&+86(77686$ country.” building market where production and 31

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