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oices Ship Repair complexity of the jobs that we do. The rying 350 people at 30 knots, when they make newbuilding more ef? cient. The Roberts is most proud … the “Crown- biggest change, arguably, came with the meant a 1 x 6 angle they didn’t mean a 1 company also upgraded its waterjet cut- ing achievement which is the least fun addition of new construction capability. x 6.25 angle.” ting table to handle a 10 x 40 sheets of to buy but the most fun to have,” is its

It’s most the same by the passion and To that end MGBW has a progressive material, meaning bigger pieces and less $3m, 500 kW solar system at its Nation- integrity of the people who work here. view toward investment. Our investment welding. al City building, allowing it to produce

We still have that craftsmanship mental- strategy is an investment in technology “We struggled with outsourcing and about 2/3 of its own power and driving ity. That spirit penetrates the yard, and I capacity Roberts said. “We buy the tools vendors dropping the ball on us, so we the company toward a “Zero Emission must admit that’s both good and bad. It’s we need to do the job and grow the busi- decided to control our own destiny and Facility.” (See related story next page).

good because it mixes some love into the ness. There is no hard and fast “Capital cut our own parts.” The yard also invest- With 217 people across three yards, an recipe; when you’re making the cake, Improvement Budget;” whatever we ed in a same-size plasma cutting table to armada of cutting edge technology, and you can follow the directions all that you need, if we can make a good sense of it, cut its own steel in an ef? cient manner, a growing market in Southern Califor- want, but there’s a little love in mom’s we’ll buy it. This philosophy was fast- as well as sandblasting capability; and nia, Roberts is happy to discuss what he cooking. The downside is we’re working tracked during the (economic) down- in its National City yard a new 70-ton views as a good contract: on more complex vessels, we’re working turn, when sub-suppliers slowed down hydraulic trailer for moving modules in “What’s a good job for us? It’s pro? t- on speci? cations that are very tight, and and caused some delays.” and out of the fabrication building as able and a win-win situation. If it’s not sometimes craftsman want to do it their Recent investments include a 10-ton well as two new docks. All of these tools good business for either side, you don’t way. You have to take that craftsmanship gantry crane (bought with help from are critical to maximizing ef? ciencies want to be here and frankly, we don’t and love and blend it with technology. MarAd’s small shipyard assistance grant and keep schedule. want you here. There is no magic in boat

When you have a catamaran that’s car- program) for use in fabrication shop to But arguably the purchase which repair.”

Marine Group Boat Works’ yard in Chula Vista, CA.

Photo: Marine Group Boat Works 38 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • JANUARY 2017

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