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commander of Naval Sea Systems Com- mand. “In the last 10 to 15 years we’ve been happy to get seven or eight ships in the budget.” “In 1990 we had in 1,092 people in the engineering directorate, NAVSEA 05. In all of NAVSEA, including the PEOs, we had about 4,500 people to manage these ships. And we had about 2,000 people in our Supervisors of Shipbuilding.

“By 2005 we had less than 290 ships.

We cut the ? eet in half in a 15 year peri- od, which coincided with a rather precip- itous drop in our headquarters personnel at NAVSEA and in particular NAVSEA 05, which went down to 251. Today we are at 568 and we continue to ramp back up,” said Moore.

“We continue to focus on growing.

We anticipate being about 750 by 2025

Photo Credit: John Whalen/Huntington Ingalls Industries based on the current 30 ship shipbuild-

President Donald Trump visited Huntington Ingalls’s Newport News Shipbuiding, ing plan. If we get bigger, if we want to speaking aboard the new aircraft carrier, Gerald R. Ford, regarding his proposed U.S. military build-up.

get to 355 ship, we’re clearly going to need more,” Moore said. The thought of increasing ? eet size would be welcomed “We have the capacity to increase ship- by the combatant commanders as the So the potential is there. The question is ure out how to get the Navy the 66 attack demand signal exceeds the availability building that would be necessary to get at what point do you need to start build- submarines in the right amount of time, of ships. And industry would obviously the 66 attack submarines, I would say ing more facilities, hiring more people? with the necessary increase in facilities like more work. However, according to we have the potential. We’ve obviously We’re already in the middle of a facilities and employees, without breaking the

Rear. Adm. Michael Jabely, a surge in done it before: we delivered as many as expansion and a signi? cant employee submarine construction enterprise. So production isn’t a simple proposition, as six Los Angeles Class submarines in one ramp-up at our ship builders, just to han- we’re doing that hard work right now to his comments at the recent Surface Navy year in the 1980s, at the same time that dle the increased demand signal brought ? gure out what the recommended pos-

Association Symposium would indicate. we were building the Ohio Class SSBN. by the Columbia SSBN. We have to ? g- ture is to get us to 66.”

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